European Enduro Series set to visit seven venues

06 February 2020

Europe is very much the spiritual home of enduro racing and as a result, the European Enduro Series traditionally features a dream list of locations where gravity fans would love to go to ride. For the 2020, the series is returning with a set of venues more desirable than any that even it has managed to produce. 

As with the North American Enduro Series and the Asia-Pacific Enduro Series, this years running will adopt the 'best of four' set up. A rider's best four results will count towards the overall title standings. The idea behind this is to help to alleviate some of the travel constraints on competing in such a far-flung season. The top three in each of the relevant categories at the end of the year will grab a place on the reserved list for the 2021 Enduro World Series list so it's all to play for! 

All the below events are graded based on our own Enduro Event Grading System

The Enduro X-Race in the Czech Republic will kick off the series in May

R1 Enduro X-Race, Susice, Czech Republic (03 May)

The European Enduro Series gets underway in Susice, Czech Republic. The sport is very popular in the country and the Czech fans no how to party and get loud among the very best so a noisy time is expected out on the stages. There will be six stages tackling extremely natural and technical terrain. Find out more about this event here.

Innerleithen's famous trails are no stranger to enduro racing

R2 Scottish Enduro Series, Tweed Valley, Scotland (16 May)

The UK mountain bike scene has taken enduro to heart, nowhere more so than in Scotland's Tweed Valley. Around the towns of Peebles and Innerleithen a trail network has developed capable of rivalling just about anywhere else in the world. Originally an EWS round back in the formative years of the championship, the second round of the hotly-contested Scottish Enduro Series will see European Series points up for grabs. Find out more about this event here.

Event grade: BLACK (Expert) 3 bars

Expect a huge weekend of riding at round three in Chablatz, Switzerland

R3 La Chablatz Enduro-Villars, Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland (20 June)

Switzerland hosted its debut Enduro World Series round back in 2019 with the nail-biting series finale in Zermatt, now Villars-Sur-Ollon has stepped forward to make its mark. The numbers all sound very promising too - it's a two day race with two cable car lifts, 1500m of climbing and over 2200m of descending! Expect a typically Swiss flavour to proceedings too with high speeds, big rocks and hairpin corners. Find out more about the event here.

Event grade: RED (Advanced) 3 bars

MTB Enduro 2019 Levi from MTB Enduro on Vimeo.

R4 Levi Midnight Enduro, Sirkka, Finland (24 July) 

The Finnish round of this years championship will be held at the countrys most-popular ski resort - Levi. It's kind of a 'two for one' round too with no fewer than two mountains included in the race course. The race begins in the daylight of late night Friday night with the sun still up before continuing on throughout Saturday. More than 2500m of descending is forecast along with some lift-assisted liasons and just about every kind of terrain imaginable. Find out more about the event here.

Event grade: RED (Advanced) 3 bars

R5 Superenduro La Thuile, La Thuile, Italy (22 August)

If you want authentic European enduro vibes then you need look no further than La Thuille towards the end of August. La Thuille featured as part of the Enduro World Series back in 2018 and quickly made its name as having some of the steepest but most enjoyable stages the series had seen. Superenduro is one of the most well-established and supported series out there so expect a well run and most testing alpine style sets of stages of the year. Find out more about the event here.

Event grade: BLACK (Expert) 3 bars

This is the second time Loudenvielle will host a round of the European Series

R6 Pyrenees Bike Festival, Loudenville, France (05 & 06 September)

The penultimate round of the series heads to the mountain bike racing mecca that is France. The French Pyrenees are almost specially made for mountain biking and will play host to two big days in the saddle as part of the Pyrenees Bike Festival. Some stages will even start at an altitude of 2300m! As with the Italian round, you can expect a well-represented home nation and an abundance of super technical, super fun riding. Find out more about the event here.

Event grade: RED (Advanced) 2 bars

R7 Grand Raid Godefroy Enduro, Bouillon, Belgium (12 September)

The Belgian Ardenne awaits to host the series finale. The sixth running of the enduro race in Bouillon promises to be every bit as tough as anything the rest of the series has produced with some added Belgian toughness thrown in as a bonus! With 200m of descending per stage predicted and plenty of shale and roots to navigate this could well be the perfect way to round of the summers racing. Find out more about the event here.

Event grade: RED (Advanced) 2 bars