South American Enduro Series Finals this weekend!

13 December 2019

The final of the National Championship Montenbaik Enduro Series by Banco Bice will take place on December 14 and 15 in Ninhue, Chile this weekend. There are more than 500 registered riders who will arrive at the Pueblo Parque to race the seventh round of the championship which is also the final of the EWS South American Enduro Series.

Ninhue will play host to riders from across South America. Pic: Jonatha Junge

The race will close out a season that has seen huge attendance throughout the series, that will have riders from Argentina, Peru, Chile and Colombia. The best riders in South America will have to demonstrate their versatility and trust that the previous training will serve to succeed in this town, known for being the home town of Arturo Pratt, a historic figure of the country.

Nothing is decided yet, most of the categories are still fighting the podium in Ninhue, a round that had to be rescheduled due to the country situation and whose stages this year will surprise with a somewhat different circuit from previous editions. To this we must add the recent accident of Felipe Agurto, leader of the championship, who broke his femur in a motorcycle accident a week ago, leaving the fight for gold open to three riders: Jorge Verdugo, Andreas Kukulis and Milciades Jaque.

The title race is on - with all categories still wide open. Pic: Jonatha Junge

This round represents two finals, not only is the national champion title at stake, but the riders also compete to be the best in South America and keep the gold of the EWS South American Enduro Series. An important race considering that the 2020 World Enduro Series returns to Chile for round two. The tope three riders in each category will earn their place to race in the main EWS races next season.

The local community of Ninhue are heavily involved in the event, with Montenbaik trying to diversify the scope and benefits of racing to as many areas as possible.  In Ninhue a management model has been built that brings economic and social benefits to the town and for that reason the Regional Government of the Ñuble Province supported the realization of the championship, which will be carried out in conjunction with the local authorities.

The local community in Ninhue have got behind the event to support it. Pic: Jonatha Junge

Carmen Blanco, mayor of Ninhue, said: “We have many wishes that this event will be successful. For us it is super important, first because it gives a special plus to our commune, since many people will come. And second, because Ninhue's business and those with family residences are going to benefit greatly. People are very expectant and happy with this. It is an immense help and a tremendous opportunity given to us. ”

In addition to the presence of international pilots, some of the stars of the National Enduro will attend the championship, among them: Pedro Burns, Jorge Verdugo, Paz Gallo and Antonio Leiva, pilots who today are representing our country abroad with great results. Among them is also Martín Vidaurre, who comes to try his luck in the Enduro after a successful tour of Europe, where he achieved an unprecedented fourth place in the Cross Country World Cup. 

About the terrain:

Each stage brings something different, in general a spot for all tastes, without neglecting that the tracks are known for their natural difficulty. The upper part is characterized by its native forest, with a loose grip and dark leafy terrain, where it favours out the technical skills of a gentle and careful handling to finish in the lower parts with rough rocky and dusty terrain without forgetting its famous switchbacks and trail features developed by the local riders community.

About the organizers:

Montenbaik is responsible for introducing enduro races in South America and is recognized worldwide for being the organizer of three Enduro World Series in Chile (2014, 2016, 2018) and the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico that had 6 editions every summer on the best trails of the region. In addition, Montenbaik received the award for the best enduro event for the 2014 Enduro World Series in Chillan, and was once again nominated with the 2018 Enduro World Series in Lo Barnechea, winning the 2018 Trail Of The Year award with the iconic Parvazo.