Video - Curtis Keene's new Specialized Enduro

23 August 2019

When it comes to the Enduro World Series, there aren’t many racers as experienced as Curtis Keene. The Californian racer has travelled the world campaigning for his long-time sponsor Specialized pretty much since the series came into existence. The bike he’s used has always been their Enduro, one of the most established monickers in the mountain bike world. The Enduro is both a factory race bike and a privateer favourite. It was one of the first of the modern breed of long travel 29ers and has evolved at the very forefront of enduro bike technology. 

Curtis and the rest of the Specialized team tackled the previous round in Whistler aboard some dazzle camouflage wrapped not-so-prototype machines which turned out to be the latest evolution of the Enduro platform. The frame has had a ground up redesign and whilst some features are carried over others have been completely reimagined. 

Watch the above video to find out more about the bikes development, Curtis’ role in that process and how he sets up his ultra-pro S-Works workspace.