Get ready for Revelstoke this weekend!

12 June 2019

This weekend the North American Enduro Series heads north to make it’s Canadian debut in beautiful British Columbia. The second round of the series is hosted by the Norco Canadian Enduro Series in Revelstoke and we’re in for an incredible race. We caught up with Meghan Tabor, President of the Revelstoke Cycling Association, to see what we can expect from a race on Revelstoke’s iconic trails.

Can you introduce yourself and explain your role with the Revelstoke Cycling Association?

I am the President of the Revelstoke Cycling Association. I got involved with the club about 5 years ago on the XC side of things, coming on as the XC director when someone stepped down mid-term. I then moved over to the communications role for three years, and stepped up as president in Fall 2018. We have a strong group of engaged directors so my current role is basically to steer the ship!

President of the RCA, Meghan Tabor

Revelstoke has become an iconic mtb destination - how have you seen the trail network evolve over the years?

I started mountain biking the first summer I moved to Revelstoke (10 years ago). At that time the only trail network I knew about was Mount Macpherson and had no idea who maintained the trails or where else you could ride in town. It has been amazing to see the growth of the MTB community and our trail networks. I would say the biggest change I have noticed over the past few years is the growth in the industry at a recreational level. It’s no longer just the 'hardcore' coming to Revelstoke to shred downhill on Boulder with big rigs. So our trail network is also evolving to suit this new demand of up and coming riders (the recreational user) by making zones more accessible and user friendly. But don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about our hardcore riders and still have lots of fun stuff for them too!

The other thing that is great about the evolution of our trail networks, is that we are continually building out a really well-rounded product: Techy and Flowy XC Zones, Alpine Riding, Downhill shuttle access, Ski Resort Lift access (opening Summer 2019), Sunnyside Enduro one-directional trail zone (opening Summer 2019), Helicopter drops, and more! Revelstoke is definitely on the map as a MTB destination now.

For people who have never ridden in Revelstoke, how would you describe the trails?

The trails are so diverse, it’s hard to pinpoint a description. Lower level: Great dirt and lush rainforest, Alpine: 360 degree views through awesome single track, DH: techy and challenging, New Sunnyside/Resort: Flowy Jumps.

Revelstoke is a paradise for mountain bikers 

The Canadian Enduro Series is bringing round 2 of the North American Enduro Series to Revelstoke next week - how do you prepare the trails for an event and then what does it take to repair them after? 

The trails are maintained through our paid maintenance team and volunteer dig nights. Ted Morton (Director of the Norco Canadian Enduro Series) has been a great advocate for trail stewardship and we are thrilled that every racer purchased an RCA membership this year – that money goes directly back into the trails that have been affected by the race.*

Lastly, using your inside knowledge, who’s your hot favourites for the win next weekend? Any speedy locals we should be watching out for?! 

For the women I'd say Lindsey Corrigan and Elinor Brown as they have been dominating our local series. In the Men'a race I'd say Sam Poarch and Sheldon Smith are some up and coming young guns!

More information about Revelstoke can be found here