The all new EWS100 and EWS80 races!

23 November 2018

Did you hear the news? Entry for the 2019 Enduro World Series opens in December! But that’s not all - there’s some changes to how next year’s events are going to work so read on if you want to be rolling up to the start line at any of our races next year. 

The EWS gets more and more competitive every year, and with so many Qualifier and Continental events taking place across the world, there are more and  more riders pre-qualifying to race. So from 2019 onwards, entry to the main race will only be offered to riders who have pre-qualified. To find out how the pre-qualification system works click here

This means anyone who has earned enough points to be on the Reserved Entry List will have a guaranteed spot at all eight EWS races in 2019 as long as you sign up during the Reservered Entry period (December 10-11).

So how do you compete in the EWS if you don’t have enough qualification points? You race the EWS100 - which takes place on the same day and the exact same course as the pre-qualified riders. The ultimate test of body and bike, the EWS100 offers some of the most testing terrain on earth - savage climbs, fiercely technical tracks and some of the biggest days in the saddle imaginable. The EWS100 will replace the lottery entry system, with the coveted spots being open on a first come, first serve basis. The main difference between the EWS100 and the previous lottery will be a more flexible approach to start times. In the past, there’s been no way of knowing how to seed unranked riders, and rigid start times meant that if the rider in front of you was slow, you’d be stuck behind them on every stage. However, the EWS100 allows for self-seeding, so if you don’t have qualification points but know you can rip, you can either choose to ride with equally fast friends or if you’re a lone wolf start early in the day to get ahead of the pack. 

The EWS80 is almost the same format as above - but instead of racing the full course, you’ll race approximately 80 per cent of it, making for a slightly more attainable goal. Make no mistake, it’s still a huge day out on the bike, but with maybe one less stage and just a little less climbing standing between you and the top step of the podium. 

Entry for the EWS80 and the EWS100 will be on a first serve first come basis, and they’re open to anyone who wants to race. Entry opens on Wednesday, December 12th and we expect these to fill up quickly so if you want to be on the start line at any of our rounds next year you’ll have to be quick!