Welcome to the new EWS HQ!

12 November 2018

Hello and welcome to the new Enduro World Series website! It's been a busy year at the EWS, so busy in fact, we've had to build a completely new website to fill you in on everything that's been happening. 

This new site is where all of our content will live - from information about events to team news, from photo galleries to films and race entry to rider stats. In the coming months keep an eye out for plenty of new features coming your way, including a brand new race feed format and our personal favourite, the all new rider and team fan clubs. Here at the EWS, we love all our riders and teams equally, but we know some of you have your favourites, and now you'll be able to follow them more closely than ever. Just sign up for free and then select your favourite riders and teams, and you'll receive regular updates about what they've been up to, including their race results, any news stories they are mentioned in and even some exclusive content you won't find anywhere else.

When it comes to race weekend, look out for our all new and improved race feed, which will let you set up notifications for your preferred riders, pinging you a notification automatically when they start and finish a stage or if they crash or have a mechanical. Let's face it, EWS races are super long - so if you don't want to spend the day glued to your screen duing a race, this is the perfect way to keep up to date with all the action while you're out on the trails. And don't worry - you can turn them off at any time if you want to save the action for later - no one likes a spoiler. 

As well as the nine EWS races in 2019 (8 races plus the Trophy of Nations), keep an eye out for lots more news coming out from our Qualifier and Continental Series events as well. 

And don't forget - you need to be here on Thursday, December 10th when entry opens for next year's races - see you there!

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