Important Update: Due to COVID restrictions we are heavily restricting the numer of media at all of our 2021 events. Only EWS production staff, official EWS Team media and a few key outlets will be permitted to accredit for any of our events in 2021. If you still wish to apply for an accreditation please email


At the Enduro World Series (EWS) we strive to make all our events as media friendly as possible. Enduro can be a challenging discipline to cover, often taking place in remote locations with races covering large distances, sometimes over a number of days. With this in mind, the following guidelines should help explain how media works at our events.


● If you want to attend and cover an EWS event it is essential you accredit in advance – failure to do so will mean you may not be granted access to the race

● Upon arrival at a race sign in at the media room to receive your media pack and so we can register you have arrived

● At events where media are allowed on course media plates will be available at accreditation and these plates must be displayed on your bike - plates will be issued in a case by case basis and the EWS reserves the right to refuse any member of the media a plate


Media Room

● Events will have a designated media room that will open from at least the first day of practice until the end of race day

● The media room will be close to the event village and offer wifi, power outlets and a general workspace for all media

● Opening hours vary from event to event, but we always endeavour to keep them available for as long as they are needed

● The media room is manned during all opening times

● At certain periods if the room is very busy, access may be restricted and priority given to key media personnel

● Start lists, results, stage maps and all other key event info will be available in the media room

● Please respect your colleagues and only use the media room for EWS related work


Media Recce

● The media recce is a guided ride with key race organisers that covers the stages of an event ahead of the race

● It allowd media see the course and plan their coverage of the race

● A shuttle is used to help mediato cover all of the stages in a single day

● Spaces on the recce are very limited and therefore participation is by invite only 

● We do not guarantee everyone a place on the Media Recce. Places are awarded based on the volume of coverage your media outlet provides.

● Please note as the recce requires riding all of the stages, anyone taking part must have a reasonable level of fitness and be a confident bike rider


Media Shuttles

● To get around the course and cover the race, events will provide shuttles to transport media between the stages

● These shuttles will operate on race days and sometimes practice days too at certain events

● There are limited spaces on the shuttles and priority will be given to key media personnel with any remaining spaces allocated on a first come, first serve basis

● Depending on the event, sometimes bikes are mandatory on a media shuttle in order to get around the course quickly, you’ll be advised if this is the case

● At some events, no riding is allowed during the race and the media shuttle will not accept bikes. Information will be provided to you prior to the race commencing.

● To enquire about reserving a space on the media shuttle email


Course Access

● The EWS endeavour to make our races accessible and media friendly – however, our main priority always has and always will be rider safety

● Media must follow the rules regarding track safety set out by the local organisers and follow the instructions of marshals and race officals at all times

● Some events may allow select media to ride on the track at designated times but this is decided on an event by event basis - never ride on the track without explicit permission from the event organisers

● At events where media are allowed on track, media must display a media plate on their bike

● Anyone who is seen to jeopardise rider safety or interfere with the race in any way will have their accreditation revoked and may be asked to leave the event, as well as incur a ban from attending all future EWS events

● We ask that all media respect the racers and stay off the course at all times

If you have any questions about covering an EWS event or need any more details about the information on this page then please email




● Rights free images are available from the EWS Media Portal

● These images must be credited to Enduro World Series

● High res versions of all photographs can be requested by emailing