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Following the publication of the Enduro Mountain Bike Medical Study, we have highlighted that more education is needed for riders regarding concussion and return-to-riding guidance. We have also highlighted that shoulder injuries make up the majority of all injuries and take riders out for the longest time. 

Below you'll find links for further more detailed reading on the topics of concussion and some great guidance on shoulder pre-habilitation and injury prevention.

We ask all riders and support staff to read our study, use our Pocket Guides and if possible take the time to dive deeper using the resources below.

Concussion education for riders & coaches 

Graduated return to play (riding) guidelines after concussion injury

Further information for riders, support staff and coaches about returning to riding after a concussion:

A full report of concussion produced by Sport Scotland:

Sport Scotland Concussion Report Here

Guidance for athletes with concussion from Sport Scotland and from Parachute Canada

Sport Scotland Concussion Guidance Here

Canadian Concussion Guidance Here

Concussion education for medical practioners

The most recent concussion consensus group statement in the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM):

BJSM Concussion Statement Here

BJSM SCAT5 Concussion Assessment Tool: 

SCAT5 Assessment Tool Here

Shoulder injury

 If you have a sports related injury you should seek medical advice and treatment in the first instance.  The correct treatment and rehabilitation programme can help you recover more quickly from your injury and increase the liklihood of a full recovery.  

 The only thing better than cure, is prevention.  The following resources are provided as a guide for injury prevention purposes 

Shoulder injury prevention/strengthening 

Fit To Play was created by the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre (OSTRC), a group established in May 2000 at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and chaired by Professor Roald Bahr and Professor Lars Engebretsen. The OSTRC is located adjacent to the Olympiatoppen and several staff members at OSTRC hold appointments at the Olympiatoppen. In 2008, OSTRC was inaugurated as an IOC Research Center of Excellence for its work on the prevention of injury and protection of athlete health.

Shoulder anatomy and information:

click for shoulder anatomy and information 

Shoulder training programme:  

click for shoulder training programme

Understand more about your shoulder injury

Shoulder dislocation: 

Click for shoulder dislocation information

Shoulder/clavicle fracture:  

click for shoulder/clavicle fracture information

To learn more about sports injury and the best injury prevention exercises for any part of the body, and any sport: 

The only thing better than cure, is prevention.  Development by the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre the following resources are provided as a guide for injury prevention purposes.   Skadefri (fittoplay) is an evidence-based athlete resource based on current sports medicine and injury prevention research. 

visit the website or download the injury prevention training app for free