Find your level

New for 2019, every event in the EWS framework will be graded so you know before you enter exactly what the course is going to ask of you!

Using a combination of the philosophy used in UK climbing grading, which recognises both how techincal the climb is and ski and trail grading that acknowledges difficulty by colour, our new event grading is designed to give you a great idea of the level of the race you are planning to enter.

In order to make sure novices aren't overwhelmed or put in dangerous situations, and to make sure that experts get the challenge they expect, we hope this grading system will be used worldwide to help signpost all racers and potential racers to the best event for them. After all, as the top of the sport continues to push boundaries, we want to make sure there is still accessibilty at entry level events.

Our goal at the Enduro World Series is not only to push forwards the highest level of international racing but also to make sure the foundations of the sport are strong. Following our launch in 2013, we promptly added a fair and transparent Qualification structure to the series, allowing riders to find their way to the very top of the sport. Our rulebook too has always been open-source and countries from Honduras to Hungary use our rules to help develop their own enduro racing scene.

As the top of the sport moves upwards, it's important to clearly signpost riders to a race at their own level. We want everyone to join in and race in an environment that is suited to their ability. So, for 2019 we have created a new Event Grading System that allows competitors to identify the event that will best suit them.

ONE Grade - TWO Components


The colours signify the technical diffculty of the trails used at the event, just like a trail marker or ski piste.

Enduro riders should seek out GREEN and BLUE events.

All of our international events are RED or BLACK (experts only)


The bars signify the physical difficulty in climbing or distance.

1 Bar: Physically easy, possibly shuttles or a chairlift or a flat course. Less than 800 meters climbing OR under 25km long

2 Bars: Between 800 and 1200m of climbing in the day OR between 25 and 40km of distance

3 Bars: Much harder, an event graded with 3 bars will be strong undertaking. Expect between 40 and 55km OR up to 1600 meters of climbing

4 Bars:  The HARDEST events you'll find physically anywhere. You'll be climbing over 1600 meters OR riding over 55km. MOST EWS events are Graded 4 Bars physically unless there is a chairlift or shuttle involved. 

We are happy for any and all organisers to adopt our grading system to further help riders of all levels enjoy enduro racing and grow within the discipline.


Ainsa, Spain, EWS Round 7 2018: over 2000m climbing, very physical. Technical but not steep terrain 

Fort William, Scotland, European Round 4 2018: 500m climbing and chairlift accessed stage so limited physical challenge. Very rocky and very technical terrain. 

La Thuile, Italy, EWS Round 5 2018: 2000m climbing  and very steep and very technical terrain


If you would like the design files for any or all grading icons please email: