Trophy of Nations

The Largest Team Competition in the Mountain Bike World

Launching September 2019 in Finale Ligure!

Following the final round of the Enduro World Series, the Trophy of Nations brings Teams of three riders together to compete for Nations, Industry and Privateer titles.

Riders are selected to represent their Nation from the EWS Rankings, Industry Teams will be formed from EWS Teams and Supporters and the Privateer Team competition is open to anyone. 

A true combination of amateur and international competition, riders from around the world are able to compete on the same course as UCI Rainbow Jersey winners.

Work with your team, strategise, pace each other, share the experience. 


  • Three Team categories: Nations, Industry, Privateer
  • 3 rider per team in all categories
  • All times on all Special Stages combine to calculate the Team result
  • Riders on each Team will ride on each Special Stage together
  • Teams will be seperated on each Stage by 90 Seconds
  • Mixed teams in Industry and Privateer categories can be 1 Woman & 2 Men or 2 Women & 1 Man

    Event Brief

 Nations Teams:

  • The winning Teams (Men, Women, U21 Men, U21 Women) will be awarded the UCI Rainbow Jersey 
  • Selected on the 2nd Monday of August, the top 3 riders per nation in each category of the EWS Rankings will be invited to represent their Nations Team. The 4th ranked rider in each category will be designated the official alternate. If a nation does not have 4 riders in the EWS Rankings, the EWS Global Rankings will be used.
  • Nations that do not have 4 riders in each category of the Global Ranking can submit a Wildcard Application, due on the 3rd Monday of August. A nation must have at least 1 qualfied rider for a wildcard application to be considered.
  • Official Nations Teams will be publicly announced on the 4th Monday of August.  
  • A rider selected for a Nations Team cannot race for another Team

 Industry Teams:

  • Men, Women, Mixed Teams available
  • All teams must have 3 riders
  • Open to official EWS Teams and EWS Supporters
  • Make up your team of riders, engineers, staff... it's up to you!

 Privateer Teams:

  • Men, Women, Mixed Teams available
  • All teams must have 3 riders
  • Open to anyone (minimum age 17)
  • Race together with your friends on the same course as the UCI Rainbow Jersey race!
    Entries open January 28, 2019, 18:00 GMT  
    Team Registration fee 396.75 GBP (full amount payable by team captain at registration). 
    EWS acts as an agent for 4Guimp srl for this event