Our Events Overview

Qualify only
The highest level of Enduro racing in the world,  UCI sanctioned, qualify your spot from EWS Global Rankings 


Public entry
EWS100:  Race on the same day as EWS - 100% of the EWS course. No pre-qualification required. 

To enter an EWS100 please go to each Event in the Events Menu 
More detail on the EWS100 here 


Public entry
EWS80: 80% of the full EWS course. Amateur racing on the EWS weekend. No pre-qualification required. 

To enter an EWS80 please go to each Event in the Events Menu 
More detail on the EWS80 here 



Qualified Nations Teams only
Teams of 3 riders qualified for their Nation from EWS Global Rankings  and race for the UCI Rainbow Jersey



Invited Teams only
Team Race for Industry staff and Pros - same weekend as Trophy of Nations  



Public entry
Solo or Team amateur race on the same weekend as Trophy of Nations - 100% of the Nations course, no need for a UCI licence 

More detail and entries for Trophy Events here




NEW!!! EWS-E (Pros and Team riders), Public entry (EWS-E100 and EWS-E50) for amateur e-bike enduro racing on the same weekend
EWS-E50: 50% of the pro course, only 1 battery needed  

Full rules published January 2020

Racing concept explained here





Race to become a European, South American, Asia Pacific, North American series champion.  

A tier below EWS, bringing you great racing and championship titles closer to home

More detail on Continental Series races here
Complete calendar of 2020 events here
Entries available directly through the individual event organizers 



EWS Qualifier races - Local races on the ladder for bigger things! Find the best enduro racing across the globe and get your points to race an EWS 

Complete calendar of 2020 events here
More detail on EWS Qualifier events here 



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To compete at EWS riders must first pre-qualify by scoring Global Ranking Points. Riders can start at their local qualifier, travel further to a continental level event in their region, continue to test their level and develop as a rider before taking on the full challenge, an EWS.

If you have not pre-qualified, you still have a chance to race an EWS weekend.  Race either the full EWS course (EWS100) or 80% of the course ( EWS80 - to be offered at select venues)  - with slightly relaxed rules but all the challenges.

At the end of the season, amateur and pro riders are also able to compete at the Trophy of Nations, a true festival of enduro MTB sport. 

Championship Titles for Events and Series:

EWS: Enduro World Series Champion

Trophy of Nations: Trophy of Nations Champion (awared the UCI Rainbow Stripes)

North American Series: North American Series Champion

European Series: European Series Champion

Asia-Pacific Series: Asia-Pacific Series Champion

South American Series: South American Series Champion

Qualifiers, EWS100 and EWS80 recieve no titles but do score ranking points.

*only EWS Members score points. What is membership?