Enduro World Series Launches EWS-E for 2020

Three rounds, new format, all the action. 

EWS-E News release here

28 Aug 2020: Zermatt, Switzerland HERE

25 Sept 2020: Finale Ligure, Italy HERE 

17 October 2020: Olargues France HERE


Outline rules:

  • We will use EWS, EWS100 concept for pro/am in EWS-E and replace the EWS80 with EWS-E50.  
  • EWS-E100 racers will need 2 batteries.  EWS-E50 racers will be able to complete to course with only one battery (50% of the course)
  • Races will be 6-7 special stages per day including one very short very technical climb as a special stage
  • Same as EWS enduro rules, all special stages are timed and all special stages count towards the final time and therefore race result
  • The course will be 3 loops (minimum of 2 different loops) with 2-3 special stages in each loop. Each loop will take about 1hr - 1:30hr to complete and with about 1000m climbing. So total bike riding time in a 1 day race will be circa 4hr and 3,000m climbing. 
  • Liaison times will be very tight, so we will award many small penalties for late starters, this is to bring the liaison into the race
  • Each loop will be split with a 40 minute rest in the paddock (for battery change, mechanical assistance and athlete recovery)
  • We will use our Queen Stage concept in EWS (1 stage carries bonus series points). These will be called Power Stages
  • Riders are not allowed to carry spare batteries on their person (they can carry them on their bike)
  • There will be no technical restrictions on batteries etc as we believe technology needs maximum opportunity to innovate and grow and it’s already moving at a very fast rate
  • All bikes must be limited to EU regulations for e-bike/pedelec (25kmph)
  • Walk function allowed but only in factory settings 



EWS-E100 and EWS-E50
WOMEN | Under 21 (2000-2003)
WOMEN | Master 35+ (1985+)
MEN | Under 21 (2000-2003)
MEN | Master 40-49 (1980-1971)
MEN | Master 50+ (1970+)

Open entries for the EWS-E100 / EWS-E50. No prequalification.
Entries for EWS-E limited to EWS-E Teams and invited wildcards