2020 saw the introduction of the EWS-E onto the world stage - a brand new international e-bike enduro series. 

The EWS-E races will embody the core values of the existing EWS races - they’ll still feature challenging terrain in spectacular locations, but will be held on separate trails from the traditional EWS races. This bold new format will see riders pushed to the limit on both downhill and specially designed technical climbing special stages. And that’s not the only difference - for the first time in enduro, the Liaison Stages will take on a pivotal role in the race, as times are kept deliberately tight and will feature more singletrack than ever before. Failure to make it through the liaisons on time will result in penalties.   


Outline rules:

  • We will use EWS, EWS100 concept for pro/am in EWS-E and replace the EWS80 with EWS-E50.  
  • EWS-E100 racers will need a minium of 2 batteries.  EWS-E50 racers will be able to complete to course with only one battery (50% of the course)
  • Races will be 8-14 special stages per day including 1 or 2 very short very technical climb as a special stage (Power Stages)
  • Same as EWS enduro rules, all special stages are timed and all special stages count towards the final time and therefore race result
  • The course will be 3 loops (minimum of 2 different loops) with 2-5 special stages in each loop. Each loop will take about 1hr - 1:30hr to complete and with about 1000m climbing. So total bike riding time in a 1 day race will be circa 4hr and 3,000m climbing. 
  • Liaison times will be very tight, so we will award many small penalties for late starters, this is to bring the liaison into the race
  • Each loop will be split with a 30 minute rest in the paddock (for battery change or charging, mechanical assistance and athlete recovery)
  • We will use our Queen Stage concept in EWS .  Power Stages will carry bonus series points
  • There will be no technical restrictions on batteries etc as we believe technology needs maximum opportunity to innovate and grow and it’s already moving at a very fast rate
  • All bikes must be limited to EU regulations for e-bike/pedelec (25kmph)
  • Walk function allowed but only in factory settings 



EWS-E100 and EWS-E50
WOMEN | Under 21
WOMEN | Master 35+
MEN | Under 21
MEN | Master 35+ 
MEN | Master 45+ 

Open entries for the EWS-E100 / EWS-E50. No prequalification.
Entries for EWS-E limited to EWS-E Teams and invited pros