E-Bike TEST Event

E-Bikes are a part of future. And we wanted to find out what that future could look like and what questions we need to answer. In October 2018 we hosted 35 key figures representing industry, trail and racing groups with the goal to discuss three topics.

  1. Trail Access and trail development issues surrounding E-Bike racing and E-Bike growth
  2. The best racing format
  3. Motor control and how to make any future competition legitmate

It's safe to say the Test Event gave us more questions than answers, but a clear focus for our future work.

We thank the Finale Ligure crew who worked with us to align their new E-bike trails with our Test Event, showing how our racing and events can assist and intgrate with trail networks in the future.

We won't launch any racing or big titles until we answer all the questions. Watch this space!