There are 20 Local Organizer Wildcard spots per round  – given to each organizer for awarding to young talented riders and local racers important to the community the event is held within. Local Wildcard entries are managed by the local organizing group. 

The organizer wildcard entries do not replace the qualification system.  If a wildcard rider does not have the necessary EWS ranking points, they would be offered spots in either the EWS100.


The EWS Global Wildcard spots are meant for riders that have had outstanding results (whether in enduro or other cycling disciplines) – but due to some special circumstances did not secure a spot on the EWS Reserve Entry List (examples would include injury, or riders from a region/nation that did not have any EWS qualifying events, etc).

The EWS Global Wildcard entry system is not meant as a substitute to the EWS qualifying process.
Wildcard applications will only be considered if there are exceptional circumstances why a rider did not qualify through the regular process.   
Global Wildcard application form