Entries in the 2022 EWS-E Pro race will be limited to riders on Official EWS-E Teams and select invited pros. 
Qualifying to be introduced 2023

EWS-E100 and EWS-E50
No prequalification requirements. 
Limited spots. Entries offered on a space available, first come basis

2022 EWS-E calendar. Entries will open in February.


In order to race in the EWS group at an Enduro World Series round, riders must either be on an official EWS team or have the necessary qualifying points.  

Riders who have not prequalified will still have an opportunity to race at the Enduro World Series – they can race the EWS100 (100% of the EWS stages). The EWS100 events (which are offered at every EWS race weekend) do not have any prequalification requirements.  


Reserved entries for all 2022 rounds will be offered during the week of 7 February. Key Dates

The 2022 Reserved Entry List has been established based on the final 2021 EWS Global Rankings (which includes points from the 2021 Enduro World Series, EWS100, EWS80, and EWS Qualifier events) .

The top ranked riders in each category have been added to the Reserved Entry List and will be eligible to sign up for any of the 2022 EWS rounds during the February Reserved Entries.

The breakdown of category places available are as follows:
350 Men
100 Women
150 U21 Men
25 U21 Women
125 Master 35+ Men
25 Master 35+ Women

The 2022 Reserved Entry List will also include the following riders:
Top 5 U21 at every 2021 EWS event
Top 5 Masters at every 2021 EWS event
Top 3 riders of every official EWS category at every 2021 EWS Gold Qualifer event
Winner of each official EWS category in every 2021 EWS Qualifier event


There is still an opportunity for riders who do not have the necessary EWS Global Ranking points to race at the Enduro World Series – they can sign up for the EWS100 .
The EWS100 races do not have any prequalification requirements - but these spots are offered on a first come/space available basis and demand typically exceeds availability 

Any riders who are registered for a 2022 EWS100 race can apply to upgrade to the EWS group if they collect the necessary ranking points in advance of the EWS race .

2022 ranking points availalbe at EWS100, EWS80, and EWS Qualifier events.  Preliminary 2022 qualifier event calendar to be released December – additional 2022 qualifier events will be confirmed in the new year.



Qualifier events allow racers around the world to collect EWS Global Ranking points, earning them a place on the EWS Reserved Entry List and/or a spot on the Trophy of Nations Nations Teams. 

The winner of each official EWS category at every EWS Qualifier event will automatically secure a spot on th Reserved List.  Plus the other top ranked racers in every category are eligible to collect ranking points. 

Only EWS members are eligible to earn EWS Global Rankings points or to get a winner's spot on the Reserved List.

Preliminary 2022 EWS Qualifier calendar will be published in December . Additional events will be confirmed in the new year.
Event entry will be available directly through the individual organizers.   

EWS-E Qualifier events will be introduced 2023



Full points tables are available to view in the Rule Book.

Riders must be EWS members in order to be eligible to collect EWS Global Ranking ranking points. (User Navigation > My Membership) . Memberships are valid for a calendar year (January – Decmember) and must be renewed annually.
Riders MUST have the membership before the race – points will not be assigned retroactively.
The EWS only has 6 official categories.
Men U21 (2002-2005)
Men Master 35+ (1987+)*
Women U21 (2002-2005)
Women Master 35+ (1987+)
*effective 2021, Men Master age was changed from 40+ to 35+

As the various EWS Qualifier events do not all use these 6 official categories, EWS qualifer ranking points are assigned as follows:
Providing all the categories are racing the same number of stages / same course, riders are sorted into one of the above categories based on their year of birth. Riders with an EWS membership are assigned ranking points for their finish position within that group.

Riders who are in the final year of the U21 category will race and collect points in that category.  If they secure a spot on the Reserved List in the U21 category they just select their new age category when they sign up for an EWS race(s) the following season.   Same for riders moving up to Masters.