EWS memberships are optional, but :

  • Only EWS Members are eligible to enter an EWS race.  Non-members and non-qualified members are able to enter the EWS100 events on EWS weekends.
  • Only EWS Members are eligible to race on a Trophy of Nations Nations Team.  Non-members can sign up in the Rider Trophy (Solo or Teams).
  • Only EWS Members are eligible for the Enduro World Series overall titles and associated prize money.
  • Only EWS Members are eligible to collect EWS Global Ranking points.  
  • Only EWS Members will be added to the EWS Reserve List and offered priority entry for the following season.
  • EWS members will be seeded for EWS races according to their EWS rank.
  • EWS Members will be awarded a public rider profile on www.enduroworldseries.com.
  • EWS Members receive discounts in the EWS Shop.  
  • New EWS membership benefits are also in the works – details to follow very soon!

BUY / RENEW 2022 memberships  (available starting January 1).
35.00 GBP 
The funds received from all EWS memberships contribute directly to the cost of the administration of EWS results, rankings, sport development and athlete relations. 
EWS Memberships are valid for a calendar year (January-December). 

A rider must hold a valid EWS membership prior to starting the race in which they hope to win points. No points will be awarded retroactively should a rider purchase an EWS membership after an event that they have competed in. 


EWS Memberships are different / separate from Race Licenses.
EWS and EWS-E Pro races:
International UCI licenses mandatory

EWS100 and EWS-E100/EWS-E50 races:
License requirements are established by the national cycling federations in the host country - so they vary at each of the individual EWS / EWS-E rounds.
Details and requirements are available in the Race Books published on the individual event pages.