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Round 8 – 30 September–1 October 2017, Finale Ligure, Italy

Bluegrass Finalenduro powered by SRAM


    1 October, 2017 - 16:17:00
    That’s a wrap on 2017!

    We’re signing off for the year, but don’t worry we’ll be back in just six months when we start the season in Chile. See you in 2018 for all of this…

    1 October, 2017 - 16:13:29
    What a race!

    What a race! And what a season! Eight rounds, eight countries, three continents and it all came down to this – one last race on the famous trails of Finale Ligure!

    It’s been an incredible season and we would like to say thanks to all the riders, organisers, sponsors, teams and fans who have made the series what it is – we couldn’t do it without you!

    We’re singing off for the year now as there are trophies to polish, podiums to prepare and champagne to be drunk… But in the meantime a huge congratulations to your new world champ Sam Hill!


    1 October, 2017 - 16:08:24
    Team champs

    And we’re just doing some fast maths, and then we’ll be able to let you know who has won the team championship – Ibis or Rocky Mountain!

    1 October, 2017 - 16:07:16
    2017 World Champions

    So after 8 amazing rounds, your 2017 World Champions are;

    Cecile Ravanel

    Sam Hill

    Martha Gill

    Killian Callaghan

    Karim Amour

    Mary Mcconneloug


    1 October, 2017 - 15:54:22
    Provisional results

    All these results are still provisional as no penalties etc have been applied – but it looks like we have a new World Champion – a little known rider by the name of SAM HILL!!!!!

    1 October, 2017 - 15:52:57
    Men’s overall

    Damien Oton wins round 8! Martin Maes is 2nd and Sam Hill is 3rd!

    1 October, 2017 - 15:51:08
    Martin wins stage 7!

    Martin Maes wins stage 7, Damien Oton wins the race and Sam Hill is your new 2017 World Champion!

    1 October, 2017 - 15:47:55
    Maes leading stage 7

    We’re all just waiting for Sam Hill’s time now…

    1 October, 2017 - 15:46:49
    Dailly 44th on stage 7!

    Looks like it’s all over for Adrien Dailly – he goes 44th on stage 7

    1 October, 2017 - 15:44:07
    Men on stage 7 now!

    And it’s Jose Borges who is leading the stage! Richie Rude is in 2nd and race leader Damien Oton is in 3rd currently

    1 October, 2017 - 15:43:01
    Congratulations Cecile!

    While we wait for confirmation on Katy and Anita let’s just say a huge congratulations to Cecile on another win! She’s won 7 out of 8 races this year and is the Enduro World Series Champion for the second year in a row!

    1 October, 2017 - 15:36:30
    What happens now?

    Well this is unprecedented! We’re waiting to see what the race officials say – we have a suspicion that the timing data goes to thousand of seconds and these just aren’t displayed on the live timing, in which case it should be pretty simple. But we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

    1 October, 2017 - 15:33:38
    Women’s overall – the plot thickens…

    Cecile wins the race and Isabeau goes 2nd! But Katy Winton and Anita Gehrig are tied on the same overall time!

    1 October, 2017 - 15:30:57
    Cecile goes 3rd!

    Cecile goes 3rd on stage 7! Isabeau wins the stage, Carolin Gehrig 2nd! So in the overall…

    1 October, 2017 - 15:28:31
    Katy beats Anita

    Katy has beaten Anita on that stage – does that mean Katie will move back into 3rd place? Possible, standby for confirmation

    1 October, 2017 - 15:23:24
    Isabeau leads 7…

    Can she beat Cecile? Standby for her time…

    1 October, 2017 - 15:22:45

    Cecile is the most aggressive rider on the circuit – she races every stage like her life depends on it and stage 7 is no exception!

    1 October, 2017 - 15:21:07
    Ravanel on course!

    Here she is – Ravanel is on course now!

    1 October, 2017 - 15:18:56

    Eleonora Farina is leading the women on 7 currently – she’s beaten a few big names including Miranda Miller and Rae Morrison

    1 October, 2017 - 15:17:14
    Women on course

    That’s the women on course now – they’re going to be riding down through a huge crowd towards the warm Ligurian sea – adding a bit of extra pressure

    1 October, 2017 - 15:08:05
    DH Men

    Stage 7 is DH Men – the most famous trail in Finale. This old downhill track is always the last EWS stage of the season and right now it is packed with fans from top to bottom. The chainsaws are revving, the sun is shining and all we need now is the best 50 mountain bikers on the planet to drop in…

    1 October, 2017 - 15:05:00
    Noga Korem

    If you want some real time footage from stage 7 head over to our instagram account where Noga Korem – one of the pro women who is out of the race with a broken hand – is smashing out Insta stories for us – thanks Noga!

    1 October, 2017 - 15:00:13
    Stage 7

    The crowds are building on stage 7 as we wait for the pros and it’s getting noisy out there! The pro women are about to start dropping in…


    1 October, 2017 - 14:41:46
    Back soon!

    We’re going to take a 20 min break to get some stories – back soon!

    1 October, 2017 - 14:31:56
    Stage 7

    The riders are on the way to stage 7 now and we’re predicting Cecile will be mad she dropped a stage and smash the win out on that.

    A straw poll in the media roll suggests that Maes well be on for the won on 7 – he finished stage 6 with a smile on his face and says he’s feeling strong

    1 October, 2017 - 14:26:13
    Even Sam didn’t like stage 6…

    It must have been very physical – because we hear Sam Hill hated stage 6 to give EWS head honcho the middle finger at the stage finish. It was in jest. Probably.

    1 October, 2017 - 14:20:16

    We just heard back from the hill what happened to Dailly on stage 6 – nothing dramatic, he just said he’s isn’t strong enough for those big physical stages

    1 October, 2017 - 14:11:20
    Hill leads Dailly by 16 seconds!!

    Hill has put time into Dailly on stage 6 – he just needs a clean stage 7 and he is your new World Champion!

    1 October, 2017 - 14:10:14
    So the overall…

    So with just one stage left in the race, Oton leads, Maes is in 2ndm Hill is in 3rd and Dailly is in 4th…

    1 October, 2017 - 14:09:00
    Hill goes 8th on 6th!

    Sam Hill goes 8th on stage 6 – and Dailly goes 21st!

    1 October, 2017 - 14:07:37
    Maes comes through 7th

    Maes goes 7th on 6 – just 5 riders left to come through now…

    1 October, 2017 - 14:06:02
    Graves goes into lead on 6!

    Race leader Oton is sitting in 2nd on stage 6 – Jared Graves is leading and Rude is in third – can Callaghan, Hill, Dailly etc do anything to beat that time?

    1 October, 2017 - 14:02:32

    Portuguese rider and team mate of Master World Champ Karim Amour is currently leading stage 6 – don’t expect that to last though as Oton, Maes, Dailly and Hill are all still to come through

    1 October, 2017 - 13:59:53

    There is one man who’ll be missing from the 2018 season and that’s Justin Leov. The Kiwi who rides for Canyon is hanging up his spds after this race and we’re going to miss him. He’s been an integral part of the series and we’re all going to miss him – he’s a true gentleman and an incredible athlete. Good luck for the future Justin!

    Justin Leov is carried by the crowd after his podium.

    Justin Leov is carried by the crowd after his podium in Ireland 

    1 October, 2017 - 13:57:12
    Stage 6

    The top 30 men are on stage 6 now, here’s what the riders are up against:

    This classic Finale trail will drop the riders down towards the Ligurian sea  – it’s a fast bit of singletrack with just a couple of rock sections to slow things down

    1 October, 2017 - 13:51:30
    Men on stage 6

    That’s the men on stage 6 now – can Oton hang onto that lead?!

    1 October, 2017 - 13:47:21
    Anita moves up in overall

    That stage 6 win means Anita Gehrig moves into 3rd in the race, pushing Katy Winton back into 4th. But Katy is just 3 seconds back – and there’s still one stage left…

    1 October, 2017 - 13:45:25
    Anita wins stage 6!

    Woah – the women are just through stage 6 and Anita Gherig takes the win! Cecile 2nd and Ines Thoma 3rd!

    1 October, 2017 - 13:44:30
    Martha Gill is World Champion

    But after an incredibly consistent year it’s Martha Gill who is the new U21 World Champion!


    1 October, 2017 - 13:43:06
    U21 Women

    The U21 Women have just rolled back into the piazza after finishing all 7 stages – Ella Conolly wins! We don’t know much about this young British rider – but we hear she’s under the tutorage of a certain Tracy Moseley – which would explain that speed! Leah Maunsell goes 2nd and Estelle Charles is 3rd

    1 October, 2017 - 13:35:55
    Karim Amour is Master World Champion!


    But after an incredible year winning 6 out of 8 races, Karim Amour is your new Master World Champion!


    1 October, 2017 - 13:33:19
    Rene Wildhaber wins Masters!

    Rene Wildhaber is through stage 7 and has won Master’s Men with an incredible come back victory! It’s been a few years since Rene has raced an EWS and it’s like he never left – he smashed it!

    Bruno Zanchi goes 2nd and Karim Amour goes third!

    1 October, 2017 - 12:29:13
    It’s all getting too much!

    The suspense is almost too much to bear! We’re off for a lie down in a dark room to calm down and we’ll be back in an hour to bring you all the action from stage 6. And don’t forget you can watch what happened yesterday right here

    1 October, 2017 - 12:26:38
    Just 2 stages to go

    And currently just 3 seconds set apart series leader Sam Hill from his main rival for the World Champion title Adrien Dailly!

    1 October, 2017 - 12:25:23
    Men’s overall after 5 stages

    1 Damien Oton

    2 Martin Maes + 0:09

    3 Sam Hill + 0:11

    4 Adrien Dailly +0:14

    5 Greg Callaghan 0:43

    1 October, 2017 - 12:23:22
    Just 2 stages left

    Can Hill hold off Adrien Dailly?!

    1 October, 2017 - 12:22:50
    Hill still leads Adrien Dailly in overall…

    …but only by 3 seconds!!!!!

    1 October, 2017 - 12:22:03
    Hill goes 11th!

    Oh my word – Dailly schools Hill on stage 5! Eats into Hill’s lead!

    1 October, 2017 - 12:20:55
    Dailly goes 6th

    But where is Hill?!

    1 October, 2017 - 12:17:14
    Oton goes 4th

    Oton is through 5 – goes 4th – will this affect his race lead?!

    1 October, 2017 - 12:15:48
    Rude leads 5!

    Richie is leading 5 – can the big USA rider salvage some points and pride to end the season?

    1 October, 2017 - 12:14:01
    Maes update

    Maes update  – he’s third in the overall!

    1 October, 2017 - 12:12:58
    Men on 5 now

    That’s the top 30 men are on stage 5 now and it’s that speedy French youngster Youn Deniaud who is leading again

    1 October, 2017 - 12:02:20

    Katy just told Ric at the bottom of stage 5 that she’s making mistakes and isn’t happy with the way she’s riding, but knows Ines (who is 4th so just behind Katy in overall standings) can’t beat her after yesterday and her third place is pretty safe

    1 October, 2017 - 12:00:06

    Katy Winton is still in 3rd in the overall, but Anita has put time into her on each stage today – her lead is now just 15 seconds. When she started today it was closer to 40 seconds

    1 October, 2017 - 11:56:27
    Ravanel does it again!

    Cecile is going for the sweep – wins 5 just like she has with every stage so far! Isabeau 2nd and Anita 3rd, Ines 4th and Bex Baraona 5th – Winton 6th on that stage

    1 October, 2017 - 11:54:39
    Anita leads 5!

    Gehrig is leading 5! Could she be on for a podium spot here? Not if Katy Winton has anything to do with it…

    1 October, 2017 - 11:53:32
    Women on stage 5

    That’s the women on stage 5 now and they are being cheered on by a huge Italian crowd! Here’s Morgane Charre looking smooth as you like a few minutes ago


    1 October, 2017 - 11:51:26
    Martin Maes

    If you’re wondering why you can’t see Martin Maes on the stage 4 results we can reveal it’s because he went so fast through the timing station it couldn’t read – his time will be revealed when he hits the timing station at the start of stage 5. To put that in context – he must have been going over 50km an hour for that to happen. That is one speedy Belgian!

    1 October, 2017 - 11:49:23
    Stage 5 coming up

    Stage 5 is 220m of descent that is relatively straightforward. There are a couple of gnarly sections, but we don’t anticipate this stage should cause anyone too many problems. Although the trail passes through some of Finale’s most famous climbing crags so we’re expecting some interesting spectator spots on this stage!

    In the men it’s currently Commencal rider Kevin Miquel who leads, but with the top 30 still to come that will almost certainly change

    1 October, 2017 - 11:45:39
    Stage 5

    A few of the big names are through stage 5 now. If you’re wondering why riders like Steve Peat and Greg Minaar etc are seeded so far back it’s because this is the only EWS they have done this year and so they are unseeded.

    It was a tough day in the office for Peaty yesterday with more than his fair share of mechanicals – here he is yesterday trying to prepare a puncture


    Peaty stage 2

    1 October, 2017 - 11:38:05
    U21 Men

    Rhys Verner from Whistler in Canada is absolutely killing it in the U21 men – after 5 stages he leads by over a minute! Elliot Baud is in 2nd and Mathieu Raffray in 3rd

    This is always a great category to watch – it’s always a good indicator of who’ll be riding at the top of the senior points table in a year or two. Martin Maes, Adrien Dailly and Sebastian Claquin all cut their teeth in this category before stepping up to the seniors

    1 October, 2017 - 11:35:08
    U21 Women

    The U21 women are through stage 5 now and on their way to stage 6 and it’s Ireland’s Leah Maunsell in the lead, Ella Conolly in 2nd and Estelle Charles in 3rd

    1 October, 2017 - 11:33:15
    Master Men

    In the Master Men Swiss muscle Rene Wildhaber leads after 5 stages, with Bruno Zanchi in 2nd and Karim Amour in third

    1 October, 2017 - 11:26:26
    Yesterday’s race

    And if you want to catch up with how yesterday played out then here’s our Ric with a quick reminder


    1 October, 2017 - 11:18:10
    Hill vs Dailly ctd

    If the race finished now, then Hill would the championship and Dailly would be 2nd. But with three stages left there’s plenty of different ways this could still play out.

    The way things are stacking up it looks like (and full credit to Dirt mag for doing the hard yards on the maths) this is how things stand in the championship points:

    • Dailly wins – Hill must finish fourth or better to win

    • Dailly comes second – Sam must finish ninth or better

    • Dailly comes third – Sam must come 12th or better

    • Dailly comes fourth or worse – Sam must finish within ten places of him

    1 October, 2017 - 11:15:45
    Hill vs Dailly

    You may wonder why we keep hyping the Hill vs Dailly battle, so let us tell you. All of the world champion titles are already sewn up in all the individual categories except one, the elite men. And with just a slim margin of 110 separating Sam Hill and Adrien Dailly in the overall points, it looks like a straight fight between the legendary downhill veteran Hill and the rising young enduro star Dailly.

    Sam Hill is sitting at the top of the points table on 2990 points, and Dailly is back on 1880 – when you think that you get 500 points for a win and 450 points for 2nd you realise just how close to the wire this championship race is.

    1 October, 2017 - 11:13:23
    Damien Oton leads the race

    Damien Oton still leads the race! Sam Hill is in 2nd and right behind him is Adrien Dailly who is just six seconds back with three stages left in this race!

    1 October, 2017 - 11:12:05
    Hill goes 7th!

    Thomas Lapaeyrie wins stage 4! Series leader Sam Hill goes 7th and his main rival Dailly goes 8th! Less than half a second behind them – too exciting!

    1 October, 2017 - 11:09:19
    Race leader Oton

    Race leader Damien Oton goes into 2nd behind Lapeyrie

    1 October, 2017 - 11:07:18

    Richie Rude goes into 2nd on stage 4, Lapeyrie leads but top 10 men still to come through!

    1 October, 2017 - 11:05:51
    Buchanan goes faster on 4!

    Lewis Buchanan goes faster then Deniaud – but only by a quarter of a second!

    1 October, 2017 - 11:04:27
    Youn Deniaud

    Youn Deniaud is currently leading the men on stage 4, this fast young Frenchie is only in his first year as a senior and this is only his 2nd EWS this year. And here he is jus a few minutes ago on stage 4

    1 October, 2017 - 11:00:16
    Stage 4 dust

    Noga Korem is injured, so instead of letting her rest we’ve sent her out into the field with the media crew to be our roving reporter in the field – here’s what stage 4 looks like currently. And for reference that’s not Noga’s arm, it belongs to the Josh Bryceland of photography Mr Matthew Delorme

    4 dust

    1 October, 2017 - 10:57:31
    Pro men on stage 4

    The pro men are on stage 4 now and it is loose out there! Dusty and dry and as they are the last riders down it means they feel the brunt of the conditions

    stage 4 trail

    1 October, 2017 - 10:54:55

    Massive respect to Ines Thoma for yesterday. The Canyon rider wasn’t feeling good at the start of the day, compounded by a double puncture on stage 1. Team mate Justin Leov waited for her to fix it and then the two if them had to smash out the climb to stage 2 in half the time of everyone else. They made it and Ines then went on to take 3rd in stage 3. Here’s Ines fixing her wheel with a rock – the same wheel she is riding on today. Amazing determination from Ines, there’s not many people that would keep going after a day like that!

    ines wheel

    1 October, 2017 - 10:51:23

    So after 4 stages the overall hasn’t changed, it’s still Ravanel, Courdurier, Winton – but Anita Gehrig has put some time into Katy Winton. Katy still has a 29 second lead over Anita, but she’ll be aware she’s going to have to keep charging hard for the next three stages if she’s to hold off the Ibis rider

    1 October, 2017 - 10:49:02
    Stage 4 Women

    Stage 4 women’s results;

    1 Cecile Ravanel

    2 Isabeau Courdurier

    3 Anita Gehrig

    4 Carolin Gehrig

    5 Katy Winton

    1 October, 2017 - 10:47:34
    Cecile wins stage 4!

    She does it again! Cecile wins stage 4! Isabeau is only 1 second back but that won’t worry Ravanel – she still has over a minute lead on Isabeau

    1 October, 2017 - 10:45:40

    Anita Gehrig is leading stage 4 – just the top 4 ladies left to come!

    1 October, 2017 - 10:41:34
    Stage 4 is go!

    That’s the women starting to drop into stage 4 and we hear there is already a massive crowd gathered at the bottom cheering them on

    1 October, 2017 - 9:48:36
    Riders on course

    The top 30 men are just rolling off the stage now, which means all riders will be on course in the next 15 minutes or so and this race will be go!

    While the riders are making their way to stage 4, make yourself a cuppa and check out how the little enduro pope Enrico Guala and the big EWS presenter Ric McLaughlin found the stages when they rode them earlier this week. We’ll be back at 10:30am CET (45mins from now) to bring you all the action from stage 4.


    1 October, 2017 - 9:41:52
    Stage 7 – DH Men

    The most iconic of all Finale’s trails, DH Men is always the last stage of the race. This former downhill track is rough, rowdy and packed with spectators. It’s loose and fast, with 280m of descent over 2.4km. It always provides an intense finish for the racers – they’re tired after 4 big days in the saddle and then they are faced with this involving trail packed with several thousand screaming fans.

    Spot the rider, the crowds turned out en-mass to witness the grand finale

    1 October, 2017 - 9:32:20
    Stage 6 – Briga Right

    This classic Finale trail will drop the riders down towards the Ligurian sea  – it’s a fast bit of singletrack with just a couple of rock sections to slow things down

    1 October, 2017 - 9:26:26
    Stage 5 – Val Nava

    Stage 5 is 220m of descent that is relatively straightforward. There are a couple of gnarly sections, but we don’t anticipate this stage should cause anyone too many problems. Although the trail passes through some of Finale’s most famous climbing crags so we’re expecting some interesting spectator spots on this stage!

    1 October, 2017 - 9:23:26
    Today’s stages

    There are four stages today on a course that covers about 50km in total.

    First up is stage 4  – a symbolic trail as it was the first ever trail prepared for the Finalenduro back in 2008. It’s 2km long and is a mixture of smooth sections followed by some really technical rock sections and ending on an amazing rock garden that will test even the techiest of riders.

    1 October, 2017 - 8:59:14
    Welcome back to Finale!

    Welcome back to Finale for the last day of racing of the 2017 season! There was three big stages and there’s still four to go today – and then we’ll have our 2017 World Champions!

    Here’s what went down yesterday…

    30 September, 2017 - 8:05:48
    That’s a wrap for day one!

    And that’s it for day one! There’s just one day of racing left this year and thankfully we only have to wait until tomorrow to find out who is going to win the race and the small matter of the World Championship titles…

    There’s four stages left tomorrow – tune back in at 9am CET tomorrow to see who reigns supreme in the magnificent Finale Ligure! Ciao Ciao!

    30 September, 2017 - 7:58:33
    What a race!

    Wowee what a race! Damien leads the overall, and just five seconds separate World Champion contenders Sam Hill and Adrien Dailly – that’s nothing! There’s still 4 stages left tomorrow and so anything can (and probably will) happen!

    And remember all results are provisional until they are posted on our website!

    30 September, 2017 - 7:55:36
    Men’s overall after all three stages

    1 Damien Oton

    2 Sam Hill    +0:07

    3 Adrien Dailly  +0:12

    4 Martin Maes +0:13

    5 Greg Callaghan +0:40

    30 September, 2017 - 7:53:36
    Damien leads the overall!

    After all 3 stages Damien leads the race, Sam Hill is in 2nd and Adrien Dailly is in 3rd!

    30 September, 2017 - 7:52:32
    Oton wins stage 3!

    Damien wins stage 3 which means the overall is…

    30 September, 2017 - 7:47:17
    Oton leading 3…

    but the stage is still live so that could change!

    30 September, 2017 - 7:45:53
    Richie Rude

    And here’s how Richie looked just a few seconds ago on stage 3

    30 September, 2017 - 7:43:25
    Remi Gauvin

    is apparently on a flyer on stage 3!

    30 September, 2017 - 7:37:25
    Men on stage 3 now…

    Will Maes still lead the race? Can Hill hold off Dailly? Stay tuned to find out…

    30 September, 2017 - 7:30:37
    Overall after today’s stages

    So after all three of today’s stages the overall now looks like this;

    1 Cecile Ravanel

    2 Isabeau Courdurier + 1:12m

    3 Katy Winton + 1:44m

    4 Anita Gehrig + 2:22m

    5 Casey Brown + 3:04m


    30 September, 2017 - 7:28:30
    Cecile wins stage 3!

    Cecile wins stage 3 and leads the overall!

    30 September, 2017 - 7:27:45
    Isabeau leads stage 3…

    But we’re still waiting for cecile’s time…

    30 September, 2017 - 7:22:57

    Miranda Miller has come through in 8th on stage 3 with about half the women’s field still to drop in – sounds like the reigning Downhill World Champion might have had an issue on that stage

    30 September, 2017 - 7:15:15
    Women on stage 3

    That’s the women on stage 3 now – standby for results!

    30 September, 2017 - 7:12:31
    Hill vs Dailly line choice on stage 1

    Here’s how Dailly and Hill looked out on stage 1 today – not much in it! (Or about 6 seconds after 2 stages to be precise…)

    30 September, 2017 - 7:02:21
    Stage 3

    Stage 3 is up next  – it’s steep, tight and technical but relatively short at just over 2km long

    30 September, 2017 - 6:47:31
    Maes leads the race

    Hill and Dailly may be the only men in contention for the Championship, but this weekend’s race is wide open! Martin Maes leads the race by 1 second ahead of Damien Oton! Hill 2 secs back in 3rd and 8secs back is Adrien Dailly. This is too exciting!

    30 September, 2017 - 6:45:04
    Hill punctured?

    We hear Hill may have had a puncture on stage 2  – his lead over Dailly is now just 6 seconds going into the last stage of the day! The race for the championship just got even more exciting!

    30 September, 2017 - 6:42:41
    Dailly wins stage 2!

    Dailly wins stage 2! Martin Maes 2nd and Sam Hill 3rd!

    30 September, 2017 - 6:41:01
    Richie 49th on stage 2

    Poor Richie Rude doesn’t seem to be having a good time out there – he goes into 49th on stage 2

    30 September, 2017 - 6:39:06
    Maes into the lead on 2

    But it’s not over yet – we don’t have all the men’s times for 2 yet!

    30 September, 2017 - 6:38:10
    Top 10 men

    Are all riding to the timing upload station together  now – expect their times to ping in any second now

    30 September, 2017 - 6:37:07
    Oton goes faster!

    But only by less than 1 second!

    30 September, 2017 - 6:36:24
    Thomas Lapeyrie

    goes into the lead on stage 2! Just 12 men left to come through stage 2 now…

    30 September, 2017 - 6:27:40
    Stage 2

    Deniaud’s time is holding on stage 2, but 2nd place Alexandre Cure is only 2 secs behind – can anyone beat 6:46?!

    30 September, 2017 - 6:22:30
    Zakarias Blom Johansen

    Ibis rider Zakarias is out the race with a shoulder injury – if we hear any more details on that we’ll let you know

    30 September, 2017 - 6:20:20
    Top 30 men on 2 now

    And the first top 30 man to come through the finish should be Pierre-Charles George, and the last will of course be series leader Sam Hill

    30 September, 2017 - 6:17:43
    Women’s overall after stage 2

    So after 2 stages Cecile has extended her lead over Isabeau in 2nd to 1:07min, Katy Winton is 1:22m back in 3rd, Anita Gehrig is 2:02min back in 4th and Casey Brown is in 5th and 2:31min back

    30 September, 2017 - 6:15:31
    Cecile wins stage 2!

    Ravanel wins 2, Isabeau 2nd, Anita Gehrig 3rd and Katy Winton 4th!

    30 September, 2017 - 6:14:35
    Katy Winton

    And more news on the women’s field – apparently Katy Winton seems the happiest of the pro women and says she’s finding it easy to stay smooth and consistent. Cecile says she’s made a couple of mistakes and says she hated the two big liaison climbs today

    30 September, 2017 - 6:12:44
    Another update on Ines…

    Ines made her start time at top of S2 after massive mechanical issues on S1. Team mate Justin Leov waited for her and they made it back up in an hour!

    30 September, 2017 - 6:10:20
    Update on Ines Thoma

    Just an update on Canyon rider Ines Thoma – some bad luck with three punctures means she’s having a shocker of a day and is way back in the standings. She’s 23mins off Cecile’s time on stage 1 – this is too much time for anyone to make up, even someone as talented as Ines. She went into the race in 4th in the rankings after a strong start to the season but this is probably going to drop her down a few stops. Tough break for one of the smiliest and nicest riders on the circuit!

    30 September, 2017 - 6:04:12
    Dailly Stage 1

    And here’s how Dailly looked on the same section of stage 1…

    30 September, 2017 - 6:01:56
    Stage 1

    Hill put a healthy 10 seconds into Dailly on stage 1 getting his day off to exactly the start he was looking for. Here’s how he looked on course…

    30 September, 2017 - 5:59:57
    Dailly Vs Hill

    While we wait for more stage 2 times, let’s talk about why everyone is talking about Dailly vs Hill. All the individual world champion titles have been wrapped up this season apart from the Men’s – and it’s going to come down to a straight fight between Adrien Dailly and Sam Hill. Hill leads the series coming into today, but a good result for Dailly and a bad result for Hill could still see Dailly walk away the champ.

    30 September, 2017 - 5:56:55
    Bad day for Peaty

    Sounds like it’s not going Peaty’s way today – he had a mechanical on stage 1 and now he’s having chain issues on stage 2. He sits in 77th on stage 2 currently, but is likely to drop back further as the sharp end of the field starts to come down

    Peaty stage 2

    30 September, 2017 - 5:53:53
    Stage 2 Men

    The pro men out with the top 30 are coming through stage 2 now and once more it’s Youn Deniaud who is leading the stage early in the day. This is a great ride from the Frenchman who finished 2nd in the U21 category in Finale last year and in his first senior EWS race was 26th in Millau – let’s wait and see how his time stands up against the top 30 men


    30 September, 2017 - 5:43:58
    U21 Women

    And the U21 women are home safe after three stages – Leah Maunsell from Ireland leads on a small margin of 9 seconds over Ella Conolly in 2nd and Estelle Charles in 3rd

    30 September, 2017 - 5:37:47
    U21 Men

    In the U21 Men it’s Canadian rider Rhys Verner leading the pack after 2 stages, with Elliot Baud in 2nd and Matthieu Ruffray in 3rd. Just one stage left for them!

    30 September, 2017 - 5:33:33
    Master’s Men

    The Master’s men are back after all three stages and it’s Rene Wildhaber who leads after day one! He won every stage today and will start tomorrow with a 55 second lead over Bruni Zanchi in second and back in third place is Karim Amour who trails Rene by 1 minute 20secs

    30 September, 2017 - 4:45:45
    We’ll be back at 14:30 CET

    While the riders head over to stage 2 we’re off to scour the pits for race gossip and info, we’ll be back at 14:30 CET (45mins from now).

    While you wait make sure you check out the Finale course preview featuring big Ric McLaughlin and little Enrico Guala!

    30 September, 2017 - 4:36:48
    Stage 2

    The riders are now on their way to stage 2 – Bric Tampa. It’s much shorter than stage 1 at just 2.8km – but it’s physical and technical and narrow – def not an easy trail!

    30 September, 2017 - 4:28:12

    At the bottom of stage 1 Hill says he’s had this race on his mind for weeks so he’s just happy it’s finally here and he’s back racing. He says his plan is to just stay smooth and consistent this weekend – seems to be going well for him, he’s only 2 seconds back on race leader Oton.

    sam sp1

    30 September, 2017 - 4:24:37

    Greg Callaghan who sits 3rd in the series finished stage 1 with 6psi in his front tyre!

    30 September, 2017 - 4:23:04
    Stage 1 carnage!

    World in from the hill is that stage 1 is claiming scalps all over the shop! Curtis Keene is out with a mechanical – and he’s donated his shifter to Jared who broke his lever off his knee

    30 September, 2017 - 4:19:03
    What does Hill need to do?

    The way things are stacking up it looks like (and full credit to Dirt mag for doing the hard yards on the maths) this is what could happen this weekend if:

    • Dailly wins – Hill must finish fourth or better to win

    • Dailly comes second – Sam must finish ninth or better

    • Dailly comes third – Sam must come 12th or better

    • Dailly comes fourth or worse – Sam must finish within ten places of him

    30 September, 2017 - 4:17:35
    Hill vs Dailly

    The Hill vs Dailly race is one of the main battles in this race… All of the world champion titles are already sewn up in all the individual categories except one, the elite men. And with just a slim margin of 110 separating Sam Hill and Adrien Dailly in the overall points, it looks like a straight fight between the legendary downhill veteran Hill and the rising young enduro star Dailly.

    Sam Hill is sitting at the top of the points table on 2990 points, and Dailly is back on 1880 – when you think that you get 500 points for a win and 450 points for 2nd you realise just how close to the wire this race is going to be.

    30 September, 2017 - 4:15:00

    Adrien Dailly goes 4th and is 10 seconds back on series leader Hill -which is crucial because these two are the contenders for the 2017 World Champion title!

    30 September, 2017 - 4:13:45
    Oton’s time holds!

    Damien wins stage 1! Hill 2nd and Maes 3rd!

    30 September, 2017 - 4:13:04
    Rude goes 23rd!

    Richie has gone 23rd – this looks like it could be another bad day at the office for him. But he’s the king of the comeback so don’t count him out just yet!

    30 September, 2017 - 4:09:59
    Oton leads!

    Damien Oton has gone into the lead on stage 1! Can anyone beat his time of 17:59? Martin Maes can’t, he’s just gone 2nd!

    30 September, 2017 - 4:08:24

    Keep an eye out for Richie Rude’s time coming in – the media said he looked fastest during practice. Richie can’t defend his World Champion title this year, but he could still finish the season in style with a race win and we think that could well be on the cards for him at a big, physical race like this

    30 September, 2017 - 4:02:41
    Deniaud’s time holding so far…

    Some of the top 30 men’s times are in and currently Deniaud’s time holds – Nico Lau into 2nd, Carlson 3rd and Vergier 4th. But there’s still Rude, Hill, Dailly et al to come down

    30 September, 2017 - 4:00:55
    Miranda Miller

    In other news, the newly crowned Women’s Downhill World Champion Mirand Miller had a flat on stage 1 – still managed a top 20 finish in 19th place though!


    30 September, 2017 - 3:58:45
    Stage 1

    The pro men are on stage 1 now – results coming soon!

    30 September, 2017 - 3:53:10
    Ravanel smashes stage 1!

    Cecile wins stage 1! By nearly 1 minute!

    30 September, 2017 - 3:50:24
    Winton passes Isabeau!

    We don’t know if Isabeau has had a problem but Katy passed Isabeau on stage 1! And now we hear Cecile passed them both – what is going on?! This race is shaping up to be epic!

    30 September, 2017 - 3:49:04

    Casey Brown is leading out the women currently – the Whistler local is sitting at the top of the table with a comfortable lead of 33 seconds over Morgane Charre with Rae Morrison back in 3rd. What are the top 10 women going to do about that – we’ll find out any second now…

    30 September, 2017 - 3:47:10

    But if there’s one thing we know about Cecile, is that she thrives on competition. So she won’t be playing it safe today – she’ll be going for the race win even though she really doesn’t need to. She was absolutely pinned in practice this week

    Cecile Ravanel charges down the bottom of stage 2 over the rocky trail bed.

    30 September, 2017 - 3:43:25
    Women’s rankings

    You’ve probably guessed already that Cecile Ravanel will be walking away with the women’s World Champion title again this year – she’s won six out of 7 races so far this year. Where the competition gets really interesting is behind her – Isabeau Courdurier and Katy Winton are tied on exactly the same points. However, Isabeau sits in 2nd as she placed higher in the last race in Whistler. We’re expecting one hell of a fight between these two this weekend – we can’t wait to see how this plays out!

    30 September, 2017 - 3:38:17
    Women on stage 1

    That’s all women on stage 1 now – don’t forget you can follow along to the timing by hitting the live timing button above

    30 September, 2017 - 3:31:37
    U21 Women

    The U21 women are through stage 1 and it’s Leah Maunsell out front, Ella Connolly in 2nd and Estelle Charles in 3rd. Sitting in 4th is Martha Gill who is just racing for fun today – her incredible performance all season means she has already secured the U21 World Champion title.

    30 September, 2017 - 3:27:55

    French rider Youn Deniaud just smoked Vergier’s time by 20 seconds! He leads the stages, but chasing him down soon will be the top 30 men…

    30 September, 2017 - 3:25:42
    Stage 1

    And if you’re in any doubt as to just how long and gruelling stage 1 is – the current fastest time is 18:46 set by Loris Vergier, who I think we can all agree is no slouch on the bike.

    Loris is one of the many downhillers who’ve made the annual pilgrimage to Finale this year – Peaty, Josh Bryceland, Greg Minnar, Morganne Charre and Ruaridh Cunningham to name but a few.

    30 September, 2017 - 3:17:41
    Stage 1 – Karma Trail

    So what is stage 1 like? Well it’s vey, very long! The riders rolled off the start ramp this morning and pedalled out of town and were then shuttled for some of the liaison – but don’t be fooled – they still had a huge pedal/hike a bike to get to the start line. Sitting atop Mount Carmo, the highest mountain in the region at 1200m, stage 1 has never been raced before.

    At 8.6km long with 1185m of descent, this monster of a stage is the longest in the race. This raw, natural trail features a bit of everything – rock gardens, flow sections and lots and lots of tight corners. It’s a 50/50 split between the riders as to whether they love it or hate it. 

    30 September, 2017 - 3:15:01
    Men on stage 1

    We’ve got some news in from the pro men on stage 1 – Steve Peat is out with a puncture, Greg Minaar says that’s the worst arm pump he’s ever experienced and is currently sitting in 26th and it’s Loris Vergier who is leading the stage. The top 30 men are still to come through so that could all change very soon. Women’s field on course any minute now

    30 September, 2017 - 3:07:28
    Master Men

    Italian rider Bruno Zanchi and series leader Karim Amour goes third. Karim can afford to take it easy – he’s already got the Master’s World Champion title in the bag after winning six rounds so far this year

    30 September, 2017 - 3:06:12
    Master Men

    The Master Men are through stage one and it’s a bit of Swiss muscle leading the pack, none other than Rene Wildhaber who wins the stage!

    30 September, 2017 - 3:04:10
    And we’re back!

    And we’re back! This race is underway and the first results from stage one are coming in…

    30 September, 2017 - 0:33:52
    Check back at 12noon

    We’ll be back at 12 noon to bring you all the action from day one of racing here in Finale. In the meantime, keep an eye on the live timing button above and the Map tracking.

    And if you want to know how the pros are running their suspension for this weekend’s varied stages, look no further…


    30 September, 2017 - 0:24:21
    Today’s running order

    So it’s a big old day for the racers today. They’ll be tackling four stages, the first of which requires a pedal, a shuttle ride and then another big climb to get to the start. That means it’s going to be a while before any of the riders hit stage 1 – the pros will start hitting it about 12 noon CET (about 2 and half hours from now).


    30 September, 2017 - 0:07:28
    Today’s stages

    And if you’re wondering what the riders are up against here in Finale, then let Ric McLaughlin and the enduro pope Enrico Guala guide you, like a transcontinental Little and Large.


    30 September, 2017 - 0:03:17
    Enduro Dry Series?!

    It looks like we may be in for the first entirely dry race of the year, as the sun is already beating down on the famous Finale Piazza and riders are heading off to the stages alongside a very inviting Mediterranean Sea.

    30 September, 2017 - 0:00:41
    Welcome to the Grand Finale!

    Ciao bellas! And welcome to the final round of the Enduro World Series 2017 in the one and only Finale Ligure, Italy!

    28 September, 2017 - 13:59:55
    VIDEO – Finale Course Preview!

    28 September, 2017 - 9:15:16
    Welcome to Finale!

    Welcome to the beautiful Finale Ligure for the last race of the year, the Bluegrass Finalenduro powered by SRAM! The stage is set for another incredible showdown on these iconic Italian trails. Dominant seasons mean that all the individual World Champion competitions are sewn up – except for one – so will it be young French pinner Adrien Dailly or the legend that is Sam Hill that’s crowned World Champion on Sunday night? And who will win the last race of the year? Tune in at 9am CET on Saturday to find out…