Juliana Women’s Rides

juliana women rides


Juliana Bicycles and the Enduro World Series have joined forces to stoke out the ladies this year. We’re offering a day out on the bike with Juliana ambassador Anka Martin to get a glimpse into life at the EWS races. Come and join us to be part of the event and experience the vibe without any of the pressure to race. We’ll be shredding trails, watching some race action, mingling with the pros, sampling some local food, sharing a beer or two, Q&As and much more. Each venue will be slightly different highlighting that specific venue, the country, the culture, and of course, its trails.



Rides will take place at five of the 2017 EWS venues – on the Friday prior to the race weekend.
Rotorua NZL | March 24
Tasmania AUS | April 7
Madeira POR | May 11
Whistler CAN | August 11
Finale ITA | September 29


TASMANIA – Friday, April 7

Date: Friday, April 7
Time: 8am – 11am (Possibly a bit later if we opt to do another run back into town & add lunch & loungin
Level: Blue grade trail. Beginner to Intermediate.
Cost: Free of charge. Includes shuttles, riding, lunch & a drink 🙂

Where: Ladies; we’re jumping on the Vertigo shuttle bus and heading out to the new “adventure trail” called the Blue Tier trail situated approximately 35km east of Scottsdale and 25km north west of St Helens. It is approximately 18km of blue rated goodness that meanders through a range of terrain from above the treelike into a temperate rainforest below – a true “wild ride” experience. This trail is predominantly a descending trail, but it’s definitely not all downhill ladies! This ride should take us about 2 hours at a leisurely pace & we will finish right near a little country pub where we will enjoy some lunch & a drink or two. Depending how everyone is feeling, we have the option to razz down another 10km track back into town or if we’ve all had enough razzing, we can hop on the bus and drive back to town.

“I can go anywhere in the world and ride machine built trail, but I can’t go anywhere else to ride the Blue Tier Descent.
It’s one of the rawest and most organic trails on the planet! Plus it ends at the best pub in Tassie!”
Wil Barrett January 2015

Limited to 24


ROTORUA – Friday, March 24
Join Anka in Rotorua for a micro adventure getaway to the beautiful and sacred Rainbow Mountain where we’ll ride the loop trail passing through a very active geothermal field. Once at the summit, we’ll be treated to views of Mt Tarawera in the north, Paeroa Ranges to the west and the volcanic peaks of the Tongariro National Park to the south. After ripping down the Te Ranga downhill we’ll roll down to Kerosene Creek to soak our tired legs while enjoying a lovely picnic lunch under the shade of the pangas. After lunch, it’s time to head back to Rotorua where we ditch the bike gear to go to the opening ceremony of the EWS and Crankworx festivities for a traditional Maori welcoming.

Date: Friday, March 24
Time: Meet at 9am, load bikes, drive 25km south to Rainbow Mountain
Place: Redwood Forest Parking Lot
Ability: Advanced beginner to Intermediate (easy Grade 2, casual pace ride up to the top of the hill with a Grade 4 descent back down the Te Ranga mountain bike track).
Cost: Free of charge