How to Enter


How do I enter an EWS race?

The Enduro World Series aims to be as open to all riders as possible while also making sure that any rider dedicated to enduro racing has the opportunity to a guaranteed place on our highly regarded Reserved List, published at the start of every year.

There are four routes into an entry the a 2018 Enduro World Series event

1. Reserved List ( 2017 EWS Rankings and EWS Qualifier Series rankings)
2. Official EWS Team riders
3. Wildcards
4. Public Lottery



Entry opens in following waves:

WAVE 1 | LOTTERY and GLOBAL WILDCARDS:  A limited number of entries for all 8 rounds will be released at the beginning of December in an open, public lottery .  Applications will be accepted December 7-8 (link will be posted on the EWS site). Lucky entrants will be selected at random.  Wave 1 also includes applications/selections of the 20 Global Wildcards.

WAVE 2 | EWS TEAM and RESERVED LIST:  By invitation only – will take place in January and includes EWS team riders and riders on the Reserved List.  Eligible riders / teams will be contacted directly.

WAVE 3 | LAST CHANCE PUBLIC ENTRIES:  Any remaining spots will be released to the public at the end of January.  Waitlists are also maintained throughout the season.



1. What are the key dates for 2018 event entry?

4 December, 2017 – publication of the final EWS Qualifier Series rankings

5 December, 2017 – publication of the EWS Reserved List

7-8 December, 2017 – applications for public Lottery and Global Wildcards (December 7 00:01 UTC -December 8 23:59 UTC )

11 December, 2017 – successful lottery applicants notified

15-19 January, 2018 – EWS team and Reserved List rider entries

22 January 2018 – all remaining spots released to public


2. What’s the Reserved List?

The Reserved Entry List is a list of individual riders who are given priority entry into all of our events at the start of the year. The list is comprised of top ranked EMBA members from the EWS and EWS Qualifier Series :

● MEN:  Top 100 ranked Men from the 2017 EWS rankings , the Top 100 Men from the final 2017 EWS Qualifier Series rankings, and the winners of any of the 2017 EWS Qualifier Series races.

● WOMEN:  Top 25 ranked Women from the 2017 EWS overall rankings, the Top 40 Women from the final 2017 EWS Qualifier Series rankings, and the winners of any of the 2017 EWS Qualifier Series races.

● MASTER (Men and Women):  The top 5 ranked Masters from the 2017 EWS overall rankings, the top 3 Masters from each of the 8 2017 EWS rounds, the top 30 Master from the final 2017 EWS Qualifier Series rankings, and the winners of any of the 2017 EWS Qualifier Series races.

● U21  (Men and Women):  The top 5 ranked U21 from the 2017 EWS overall rankings, the top 3 U21 from each of the 8 2017 EWS rounds, the top 40 U21 from the final 2017 EWS Qualifier Series rankings, and the winners of any of the 2017 EWS Qualifier Series races.


Reserved List riders will be eligible to sign up for any of the 8 rounds during the Reserved Entry period (January 15-19).

The Reserve List for the current season can be found here.

Only EMBA members are eligible to earn EWS ranking points. You can get your EMBA membership here.


Qualifying events


                                                                               EWS qualifier


3. What is the Qualifying Series ?

The Qualifier Series has been designed to allow riders to enter Official Qualifier Events around the world and earn ranking points, earning them a place on the Reserved List. The full calendar and details of all Qualifier events is available here.

Only EMBA members are eligible to earn Qualifier points. You can get your EMBA membership here.


How does the Qualifying Ranking work?

● EMBA members entering the Official EWS Qualifier events will collect official ranking points and feature in the official EWS annual qualifying rankings.

● The final qualifying rankings will be published after the final event on December 4. The best three qualifying results for each rider will be totalled to calculate a rider’s final qualifying ranking.

● The top 100 Men, 40 Women, 40 U21 and 30 Masters in the Final Qualifying Ranking will be added to the Reserved List

● The winner in each EWS category (not local race category) at every Official Qualifying round will be automatically added to the following year’s Reserved List. Although points are awarded only to EMBA members, the highest placed EMBA member is not awarded this automatic qualification place, it is only the 1st place, winner of the event (per category).

● EWS Qualifying Ranking Points will be awarded in relation to the overall finishing position of each EMBA member. (Example: 15th position in the Women’s GC = 60 points regardless of how many EMBA members placed from 1st to 14th).

● Full points tables are available to view in the Rule Book


4. What is a Wildcard?
A Global Wildcard is a special, very hard to get invite to race an EWS. Wildcard applications will be accepted  during the Public Lottery and the EMBA board will select 20 riders based on nationality, experience, potential, dedication and category. All applications are considered – but the main focus is on finding new, young and fresh riding talent from developing nations, riders with exceptional results at the top of their game in other cycling disciplines or previously top ranked enduro racers who have missed past events due to injury .

There are also 20 Local Wildcards per event – given to each organizer for awarding to young talented riders and local racers important to the community the event is held within. The final say of these Local Wildcard spots lies with each organizing group.

5. What is the Entry Lottery?
A limited number of spots will be offered to the public through an open lottery system . Lucky entrants will be selected at random.


Only one application per rider – but riders can specify multiple race rounds in the application. Duplicate entries will be automatically rejected.

Riders may apply as a group. If you are interested in competing at any of the races with your partner or your teammates, groups of up to 3 people may enter the lottery as a group. Either everyone in the group will get spots or no one does. The odds of being selected as a group are the same as being selected as an individual. You may only sign up as an individual or as part of a group – not both. Applicants signing up as both individuals and as members of a group will have all their applications rejected.

All riders who enter the lottery during the 48-hour period will have an equal chance of being selected – there is no advantage to applying earlier in the 48 hour time period. (December 7, 2017  00:01 UTC- December 8, 2017 23:59 UTC)

The draw will take place on December 11.  Riders will be drawn randomly for the available spots at each of the rounds.  Riders should only check races on the application form at which they intend to compete – do not list extra / backup races.  The draw is by racer – not round.  So if a rider is selected, they will be assigned a spot at each of the rounds listed on their application form. Successful applicants will be contacted with instructions to complete their registrations.

Riders who are not selected in the lottery will be automatically added to the waitlist for the round(s) they identified on their application form.   If a spot does become available, riders will be emailed with directions on how to complete their entry.

Successful lottery applicants cannot transfer or defer their race entries.  Registrations are refundable (subject to 20GBP processing fee) up to 3 weeks prior to a race.

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Race Licenses
Racers in the LaThuile and Finale Ligure  EWS races MUST have a current 2018 FCI or a national racing license recognized by the UCI to compete. No day licenses will be available. Registrations cannot be finalized without the FCI / UCI number.
UCI licenses are also required for the French and Spanish rounds – but day licenses will be available at the onsite checkin.


 italianoLaThuile e Finale Ligure: Per partecipare è necessario essere in regola con il tesseramento 2018 FCI o possedere la tessera di qualsiasi Ente della Consulta riconosciuto dalla FCI (per info contattare:

Per i ciclisti che non sono in possesso di Tessera ordinaria sarà possibile partecipare alla gara di Superenduro acquisendo la Tessera Giornaliera FCI (15,00 €). Per poter acquisire la tessera giornaliera è necessario esibire un certificato di idoneità allo sport agonistico per la disciplina ciclismo.