How to Enter

January 2019
Publication of  the 2019 EWS Continental Series and EWS Qualifier Series calendars – entries will be directly through the individual event organizers
Amateur and Industry team entries for the Trophy Of Nations

August 2019
National Team selections for the Trophy of Nations

There are four routes to an entry to a 2019 Enduro World Series event:

1. Reserved List (based on 2018 EWS Global Rankings)
2. Official EWS Team riders
3. Wildcards (Global and Local)
4. Public Entries

What is the Reserved List?

The EWS Reserved Entry List is a list of individual riders who are given priority entry into all of our events at the start of the year.

The Reserved Entry List is comprised of top ranked EWS members from the 2018 EWS Global Rankings:
300 Men
75 Women
100 U21 Men
20 U21 Women
50 Master 40+ Men
20 Master 35+ Women

The Reserved Entry List will also include the following riders (providing the rider is an EWS member at the time of the race)
– Top 5 U21 at every 2018 EWS event
– Top 5 Masters at every 2018 EWS event
– Top 3 riders of every official EWS category at every 2018 EWS Continental event
– Winner of each official EWS category in every 2018 EWS Qualifier event

Reserved List riders will be eligible to sign up for any of the 8 rounds during the Reserved Entry period (December 10-11).
Only EWS members are eligible to earn EWS ranking points. You can get your EWS membership here.

What is a Wildcard?

A Global Wildcard is a special, very hard to get invite to race an EWS. Wildcard applications will be accepted on December 5 and the EWS Board will select 20 riders based on nationality, experience, potential, dedication and category. All applications are considered – but the main focus is on finding new, young and fresh riding talent from developing nations, riders with exceptional results at the top of their game in other cycling disciplines or previously top ranked enduro racers who have missed past events due to injury .

There are also 20 Local Wildcards per event – given to each organizer for awarding to young talented riders and local racers important to the community the event is held within. The final say of these Local Wildcard spots lies with each organizing group.

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What is the EWS Continental Series ?

Continental Series races will feed into a new Global EWS points structure, allowing EWS members to gain EWS ranking points.
The riders who earn the most points in each of the series will be awarded the corresponding title, i.e. North American Enduro Champion, European Enduro Champion and Asia-Pacific Enduro Champion.

Full details of the 2018 Series can be found here.

What is the EWS Qualifier Series ?



                                                                               EWS qualifier


The Qualifier Series has been designed to allow riders to enter Official Qualifier Events around the world and earn EWS Global Ranking points, earning them a place on the Reserved List. The full calendar and details of all Qualifier events is available here.

Only EWS members are eligible to earn Qualifier points. You can get your EWS membership here.

Full points tables are available to view in the Rule Book


Do racers need a UCI race license or EWS membership to race the Enduro World Series ?

EWS Memberships

EWS Memberships are different / separate from UCI Race Licenses.

Although  we would like every rider to support to the Series through the purchase of an EWS membership, memberships are not required for event entry.
While the EWS Memberships are optional – only racers with Memberships will:
1/ be seeded for the start order at an EWS race,
2/ be eligible to collect EWS ranking points (at the EWS, EWS Continental and EWS Qualifier events).

For additional information and/or to purchase, visit the EWS Membership page.


Race Licenses

License requirements are established by the various national cycling federations – so they vary at each of the individual EWS rounds.  Details for 2019 will be published in December .

The EWS does not use UCI race categories. It does not matter what category is listed on your UCI license as long as it is an international race license.

Some national cycling federation offer domestic licenses – these will not be recognized at an EWS race if presented by a foreign rider. And recreational race licenses (example “Cycling for All”, “Funklasse”, ..) will also not be recognized at an EWS race.


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