Interested in hosting an EWS event?

Interested in hosting an EWS event? Then look no further! There are three types of EWS events you can apply for; Qualifier, Continental and the main EWS races. 


Our Qualifier events took place across four continents in 2018 and are grass roots races that enable riders to earn valuable points that feed into the EWS Global Ranking. To apply to host an EWS Quaifier race, please fill out this form


There are currently three Continental Series; North American, European and Asia-Pacific, with South America and Africa under development. These race series bridge the gap between the Qualifier events and the main EWS races, with riders competing to be crowned the European, North American or Asia-Pacific Enduro Champion. The series allow up and coming athletes the chance to compete for a title closer to home and gain valuable global ranking points - the top three riders from each series will qualifiy to compete in the EWS. 

If you are interested in hosting a Continental Series event then please fill out this form.

EWS Races

If you are interested in hosting an EWS please then email [email protected] in the first instance.