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EMBA Membership

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The Enduro Mountain Bike Association (EMBA) is pleased to offer a membership option to all its supporters.

Membership allows riders to gain series points at Enduro World Series and EWS Qualifier races, along with an overall series ranking at the end of the year.  A rider must hold a valid EMBA membership prior to starting the race in which they hope to win points. No points will be awarded retroactively should a rider purchase an EMBA membership after an event.

Riders may be granted priority for the following season based upon their final EWS or EWS Qualifier Series rank.

Additionally, EMBA members are seeded at EWS races, with riders holding a membership grouped together and started in order according to their rank and any other relevant race results.

Only those riders with an EMBA membership will be included in the new Quarq tracking system. This new addition to the Enduro World Series race coverage sees eligible riders given a Quarq GPS unit that tracks the rider’s location, speed and elevation gain throughout the race, allowing fans to track a racer’s progress in real time.

New EMBA membership benefits are in the works too – details to follow very soon!
2017 memberships will be available in during the EWS Priority Registration and Lottery.

Memberships for riders competing in the Qualifier Series can be purchased here.



Seuls les compétiteurs possédant une licence EMBA peuvent prétendre être classés au général de l’Enduro World Series, obtenir le prize money et prétendre aux titres attribués par l’EWS. Les pilotes doivent posséder la licence EMBA avant le début de l’épreuve s’ils veulent espérer gagner des points. Aucun point ne sera attribué rétroactivement si un pilote souscrit à une licence EMBA après l’évènement.




Per ottenere punti nella classifica Enduro World Series, accedere al prize money o alla classifica di tappa bisogna essere associati all’EMBA. L’associazione all’EMBA deve necessariamente avvenire prima del ritiro del numero di gara. Non verranno assegnati punti in maniera retroattiva a chi si associa all’EMBA dopo la gara.




Apenas os atletas que fazem parte do EMBA membership serão automaticamente direcionados para a lista de partida, elegíveis para pontos Enduro World Series, prize money e títulos à geral. Antes de iniciar uma competição Enduro World Series, o atleta deve ser portador do EMBA membership de forma a ganhar pontos. Não serão atribuídos pontos aos atletas que apenas comprem EMBA membership após um evento.



Los corredores pueden afiliarse a EMBA (30GBP) al mismo tiempo que se inscriben al evento. Sólo corredores con afiliación EMBA para 2016 podrán optar a conseguir puntos para la clasificación de las Enduro World Series 2016 o cualquier premio económico, título o trofeo Enduro Wold Series. Aunque nos gustaría que todos los corredores formaran parte de las EWS a través de su afiliación a EMBA, no es un requisito obligatorio para inscribirse al evento.