coverage guidelines
Coverage Guidelines

At the Enduro World Series (EWS) we strive to make all our events as media friendly as possible. Enduro can be a challenging discipline to cover, often taking place in remote locations with races covering large distances, sometimes over a number of days. With this in mind, the following guidelines should help explain how media works at our events.



● If you want to attend and cover an EWS event it is essential you accredit in advance – failure to do so will mean you may not be granted access to the race

● Upon arrival at a race sign in at the media room to receive your media pack and so we can register you have arrived

● At events where media are allowed on course media plates will be available at accreditation and these plates must be displayed on your bike


Media Room
● Events will have a designated media room that will open from at least the first day of practice, sometimes earlier
● The media room will be close to the event village and offer wifi, power outlets and a general workspace for all media
● Opening hours vary from event to event, but we always endeavour to keep them available for as long as they are needed
● The media room is manned during all opening times
● At certain periods if the room is very busy, access may be restricted and priority given to key media personnel
● Start lists, results, stage maps and all other key event info will be available in the media room
● Please respect your colleagues and only use the media room for EWS related work


Media Recce
● The media recce is a guided ride with EWS Managing Director Chris Ball that covers the stages of an event ahead of the race

● It lets media see the course and plan their coverage of the race

● A shuttle is used to allow media to cover all of the stages in a single day

● Spaces on the recce are very limited and anyone who’d like to join the ride should email to reserve a space.
● We do not guarantee everyone a place on the Media Recce. Places are awarded based on the volume of coverage your media outlet provides.
● Please note as the recce requires riding all of the stages, anyone taking part must have a reasonable level of fitness and be a confident bike rider


Media Shuttles
● To get around the course and cover the race, events will provide shuttles to transport media between the stages
● These shuttles will operate on race days and sometimes practice days too at certain events
● There are limited spaces on the shuttles and priority will be given to key media personnel with any remaining spaces allocated on a first come, first serve basis
● Depending on the event, sometimes bikes are mandatory on a media shuttle in order to get around the course quickly, you’ll be advised if this is the case
● At some events, no riding is allowed during the race and the media shuttle will not accept bikes. Information will be provided to you prior to the race commencing.
● To enquire about reserving a space on the media shuttle email


● Rights free images from every event are available from the EWS website gallery page
● These images should be credited to Enduro World Series
● During events these photos will be posted at the end of each day on the EWS gallery page
● High res versions of all photographs can be obtained by emailing


● Accredited media are free to film at all EWS events<
● All official EWS videos will be available through the Pinkbike player. For more details on how this works please email


Trail etiquette
● The EWS endeavour to make our races accessible and media friendly – however, our main priority always has and always will be rider safety
● Media must follow the rules regarding track safety set out by the local organisers and follow the instructions of marshals
● Some events may allow media to ride on the track at designated times but this is generally discouraged after a number of incidents over the last two years
● At events where media are allowed on track, media must display a media plate on their bike
● Anyone who is seen to jeopardise rider safety or interfere with the race in any way will have their accreditation revoked and may be asked to leave the event
● We ask that all media respect the racers and stay off the course at all times. Please remember that you are there to cover the race – not affect the result!