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Event updates for the Enduro World Series

Massage Update

Professional sports massage service with be available by appointment from Thursday to Sunday.

Preregistration available at or +33(0)612653452.

Due to the weather Massage Me are unable to put up their massage tent in the Plaza – they have set up in the Hotel Garibaldi on the 2nd floor in the bike room




To All Riders,
follows the new schedule for the next days.

Friday 2nd October:
Following a long day of checking the weather forecasts, the organisation have been forced, due to safety reasons, to CLOSE ALL STAGES on Friday 2nd October.

Saturday 3rd October:
Two options:

Plan A (good weather) – Racing will commence as normal, Stages 1-4 will open for competition
Plan B (bad weather) – Stage 2 will be cancelled and Stages 1,3,4 will be opened for competition

We will confirm either Plan A or Plan B at the scheduled rider’s briefing on Friday at 18:30.


A tutti i Riders,
di seguito potete trovare il nuovo programma per i prossimi giorni.

Venerdì 2 Ottobre:
Dopo aver controllato le previsioni meteo per tutto la giornata di oggi, la direzione gara è stata costretta, per ragioni di sicurezza, a CHIUDERE TUTTE LE SPECIALI nella giornata di Venerdì 2 Ottobre. Non sarà quindi possibile effettuare le prove libere.

Sabato 3 Ottobre:
Per Sabato ci sono due possibili opzioni:

Piano A (con meteo buono): la gara si svolgerà normalmente secondo il programma ufficiali, quindi Speciali 1-2-3-4.
Piano B (con meteo avverso): verrà cancellata la PS2 e la gara si svolgerà sulle Speciali 1-2-4.

Durante la Riunione Tecnica di domani Venerdì 2 Ottobre confermeremo quale dei due piani diventerà ufficiale.

Clarification about training on Friday

Just to confirm following some questions.

Friday practice is currently on hold due to the very bad weather reports. Therefore you should prepare to be unable to ride on Friday and practice all stages tomorrow (Thursday).

We will announce Friday’s plans tomorrow when we have more up-to-date forecasts.


FinaleShuttle MAPS


Driving yourself around Finale during training? Here’s the shuttle maps that will show you were you can drive!

And remember – these are public roads not race tracks, so respect the locals, respect traffic laws, stay relaxed and have some fun!

Created with GIMP



Dear riders,

We experienced a lot of riders and shuttle drivers ignoring the marshals at the end of Stage 7 today. Please remember that these very generous people are volunteers and they are trying to protect you from a busy road and also keep traffic moving.

Please respect what they have to say and we can all be happy!

The EWS team

Walk the Walk

Hi All riders,

We’ve had some questions regarding walking stages that are closed on Friday.

We can confirm that walking stages is OK when stages are closed to riding. However, please do not take a bike with you to avoid any confusion.


The EWS team

Ainsa Shuttle Roads

Welcome to Ainsa and the amazing Zona Zero trail network. For those of you shuttling yourselves during training, here are the maps that include the driving routes that you can use to access the trails. Please remember, you can only drive on public roads and NO driving off road is allowed.


saturday course + shuttle roads


sunday course + shuttle roads part1 sunday course + shuttle roads part2


Whistler Race Updates 

Dear racers and managers,

There were a few adjustments to the Start List for the live webcast.  Final version is posted at

Riders should check in 20-30 minutes before their individuals starts at the start Stage for bike marking.  You will also be issued a sticker with all your individual stage start times.

A few clarifications:

Individuals will be permitted to leave clothing / tools in the fenced Tech Zone.  Event staff will not be responsible for unattended items.


A segment of Stage 5 was incorrectly described at the Rider Briefing.  Aline is not part of the route. Racers will stay on Eazy Does It until Hornet.  


Also there was some confusion regarding some taping on No Joke – woods section immediately following the fast straight away.  (after the triple into the woods – there are two lines : over a rock on riders left and some singletrack on riders right.  Both are open).

Good luck !


Whistler Courses and Inspection

Hi all riders – following a number of questions after the course map release, please find below some clarity on everything.




August 5-6 Top of the World and Whistler Bike Park open – public access not restricted.

Peak Chair operating times 11am-4pm.
Whistler Bike Park open 10am-8pm.
All non Bike Park segments closed for course marking – no bike access. [stage 1, second half of stage 2 Khyber, stage 3, stage 4] .  Any racer found riding non Bike Park stages before August 7 will be disqualified from the race. Walking / foot inspection permitted.

August 7-8
Stages 1-5 (all stages) open for riding / inspection.
Whistler Bike Park open 10am-8pm.
Special extended Peak Chair hours: 11am-6pm (public access from 11am-1pm; registered racers only from 1pm-6pm).

PLEASE RIDE WITH CAUTION – NOT AT RACE TRAINING PACE. Course workers may still be marking / flagging. Limited medical coverage and marshals. Public will have access to Top of the World (in the morning) and Bike Park segments and Whistler Valley segments all day.

Day 2 Samoens – Timings

Hi Everyone,

Congratulations for getting through a tough day 1 in Samoens with rain and storms and massive stages.

Your start times tomorrow posted here are the times you must leave the start.

Allow yourself 1 HOUR to travel to the start from the race paddock.

Example: Race time 9am – Leave paddock at 8am.

Have a great day on some amazing trails!


Welcome to Round 4 in sunny Samoens! Remember this information! – Bienvenue à Samoëns, sous le soleil, une fois n’est pas coutume… pour la 4ème manche des E.W.S. Voici quelques informations importantes à lire absolument

- All riders can WALK stage 4 from 3pm on Friday, the trail is short and finishes in the town of Samoens, but there is NO riding practice of this stage before you race it on Saturday afternoon.

- Stage 2 will be raced twice. So the trail used for Stage 3 is the same as it is for Stage 2.

- Remember we’re in France and that means ALL riders must follow the French regulations for protection during all practice and Special Stages. Full face helmet must be worn at all times when riding. A certified helmet with removable chin guard is allowed. Spine protection or a backpack with CE certified spine protection must be worn at all times during competition. FULL finger gloves must also be worn and knee pads.

- All riders will be issued with two back numbers to cover you in case one is damaged. All riders must have their back number visible during all Stages of the competition. Random checks will be carried out.

- Outside assistance and Tech/Feed is allowed in the paddock at the lift station ONLY. No rider can receive assistance anywhere on the mountain or lift.

- We ask all Official EWS teams to bring a bike to the Rider Briefing on Friday night at 7pm, Samoëns Grand Rue / Pied de la Ville. We will host a team presentation on the stage following the briefing for all teams.

-  In a French Series tradition, the start order will be changed on Saturday night. Sunday start lists will be in the order of the race results after Saturday’s stages.

- Top 30 Men and Top 15 Women will have 30 Second start intervals on every stage. All other riders will start at 15 secs intervals.

You can find all the other information you may need in our Race Book here: English / French.

Good luck,

Chris and the EWS Team

Bienvenue à Samoëns, sous le soleil, une fois n’est pas coutume…  pour la 4ème manche des E.W.S. Voici quelques informations importantes à lire absolument :
- La course comporte 5 tracés différents (3 pour le samedi et 2 pour le Dimanche), le tracé 2 du samedi sera couru 2 fois en compétition (en plus du run de reco) ce qui donnera 6 spéciales chronos différentes sur les 2 jours, 4 le samedi et 2 le dimanche.
  • Tous les coureurs peuvent reconnaitre la spéciale 4 (3ème tracé de la course) à pied vendredi à partir de 15H. C’est une spéciale courte dont l’arrivée est en plein centre ville de Samoëns, que vous ne pourrez pas reconnaitre à vélo avant le run de chrono, prévu samedi après-midi.
  • Le tracé 2 sera couru 2 fois en course. Donc la spéciale chrono 3 sera en fait courue sur le même tracé que la spéciale chrono 2.
  • Nous sommes en France cela veut dire que tous les coureurs doivent respecter les règles de la F.F.C. au niveau des protections: Casque intégral obligatoire sur le vélo (les casques à mentonnière détachable homologués sont acceptés). Dorsale homologuée (ou sac à dos avec protection dorsale homologuée), gants longs et genouillères obligatoires sur les spéciales.
  • Les numéros de dossard doivent être fixés dans le dos (2 dossards, dont 1 de secours, seront fournis par l’organisation au retrait des plaques). Tous les coureurs doivent porter leur numéro de manière bien visible dans le dos. Des contrôles aléatoires auront lieu.
  • L’assistance technique et le ravitaillement seront exclusivement positionnés sur le paddock team (aire d’arrivée du GME). Aucune autre assistance extérieure ne sera autorisée à un autre endroit.
  • Nous demandons à chaque team officiel EWS d’apporter un vélo lors du briefing obligatoire coureurs qui aura lieu à 19H à Samoëns Grand Rue / Pied de Ville, car le briefing sera suivi d’une présentation publique sur scène de tous les teams.
  • Dans le respect de la  tradition des Enduro Series à la française l’ordre de départ du dimanche sera établi en fonction des résultats de la journée de samedi.
  • L’intervalle de départ entre chaque TOP 30 Hommes et chaque TOP 15 Femmes est de 30 secondes. Il sera ensuite de 15 secondes entre chaque coureur pour tous les autres coureurs.
  • Vous pouvez trouver d’autres informations sur le Race Book accessible en ligne : English / French.






Samoens Race Notice


Attention aucune reco sur le Bike Park n’est autorisée (ni à pied ni à vélo) à compter du Lundi 13 juillet. Seule la SPE 3 sera autorisée pour une reco à pied le vendredi 17 juillet à partir de 15H.

Warning: no practice allowed (ride or walk) all week starting Monday July 13th. Only on foot inspection will be permitted on Stage 3 on Friday 17th from 3 pm.

Plan B Confirmed

Two Race Stages only today

Regretfully we are shortening today’s race to just two stages, due to forecasts of high winds with gusts of 60mph at the top of the course this afternoon.

  • Effectively Hope Stage 8 becomes S6 on your start time stickers.
  • Many riders’ favourite Whyte Stage 7 will not be raced.
  • The much debated Sealskinz Stage 6 will not be raced.
  • Enve Stage 8 will now start at the very top of the hill using the start gate and initial part of the track previously used for S6, joining with S8 at the original start
  • Start times remain unaffected. Please be at the start 15 mins before your start time, this time is needed to get everyone in order and do timing checks etc.
  • Podiums will be held as soon as possible. Announcements will be made on the site PA to advise on time and any other relevant information.

We are very disappointed to make this decision but the welfare of riders and our own team is our number one priority.

We hope this reconfiguration will still provide the test of technical ability and endurance performance we intended for the course.

The last E2 riders will depart the event village by 12.30. The first riders out will already be coming back by then.

We strongly request that teams do not break down the site until 1230, and that when they do, the utmost consideration is given to safety and awareness of others on the site.

The high winds are forecast to arrive between 2 and 3pm.

Wishing you all a great day out there, despite our crazier than usual weather.

The TweedLove Team


Event Update: Bad Weather Contingency Plan for Sunday 31 May

Some current weather forecasts suggest that conditions tomorrow could have a significant negative impact on the race.

Heavy rain is forecast for the morning, and moderate winds are expected to reach very high speeds in the afternoon. The forecast is for windspeeds and gusts on the hills would make racing impossible.

At Event Expo level, the forecast windspeeds could also damage exhibitor tents, the stage and other installation at the event village.

There is however some doubt as not all the forecasts agree with this prediction.

We will review the weather forecasts at first thing Sunday morning, and if the forecasts remain similarly poor, we plan to make the following changes, which will cut the race to two stages tomorrow:

We run Enve Stage 5 as normal.

We then run Hope Stage 8, but it will now start at the Mast – the same start position which is currently scheduled for Sealskinz Stage 6.

We will ask all expo exhibitors and tech teams to leave everything in place and NOT disassemble until the last rider leaves the arena at 12.30.

The start times for departing TweedLove Expo and stage start times for S5 and S6 will remain as printed already on start sheets.

(If the forecast changes for the worse we will bring that time forward accordingly).

If we’re lucky and the forecast changes, we intend to run the race as planned, but please take suitable clothes and food for the conditions. Please also try to avoid getting to high starting points too early as exposed areas will experience significant windchill.

We will update everyone in the morning before 07.30.

Stage 6

Sealskinz Stage 6

There has been significant feedback from riders about this stage, so I’d like to clarify the thinking around it. While we have had comment that it is some riders favourite stage, there have been a larger number of negative comments that it is too physical and not enough of a technical challenge. We can assure riders that we always listen to and consider your feedback carefully, but we accept we won’t always be able to keep everyone happy.

It has been our strong intention to create a two day, eight stage course which provides a complete all-round test for riders, combining both technical and endurance-focussed challenges. Our aim is to provide a course which does not favour either of these attributes, but provides a challenge in equal measure to find the athletes with the strongest all round ability, fitness and speed.

We also aim to showcase enjoyable local trails and allow easy spectator access, in order to create a great atmosphere at the event, and I hope that the easy spectator access to Sealskinz Stage 6 will help make it an exciting venue. We hope this information is useful and helps to explain our choice of race stages. I have discussed this in detail with Chris Ball of EMBA and we have agreed that this stage will remain as it has been practiced, unless weather circumstances lead to safety or other major concerns.

​Rider Manners and Respect

We have had reports from a few local residents who have expressed concern over people riding on busy pavements, and in particular on the narrow footbridge over the River Tweed near the event expo. Please respect the signs on the footbridge and push your bike while crossing.

Many thanks, and wishing you the best of luck and great riding over the weekend.

Neil Dalgleish

Race Director

TweedLove Update

EWS Friday Information

Just a quick reminder of tomorrow’s schedule.

Friday 29 May: 

9am – 3.30pm: Official Practice. All stages open. No medical cover in place.

3pm – 6pm: Timing Card collection Event HQ, Tweed Green, Peebles

4.30pm: Mandatory Rider Briefing at Event HQ, Tweed Green, Peebles.


And as always please be aware, at any time during practice, course officials may be at work on the course. Please ride safely at all times.

Enjoy the trails!

The TweedLove Team

Course Taping Stage 8

Hi Everyone,

There was some wide taping at the road crossing on Stage 8, at the start of the trail known as Zoom or Bust. It allows a straight line over the ditch, onto the road and over the following berm. As it was only spotted late in the day after hundreds of riders had ridden this trail, this tape will remain as it is now and will not be closed.


Stage 1 Course Update

Hi All riders,

The tight, rocky and difficult chicane on Stage 1 will be kept open. The original course marking (which had the corners taped very tightly) moved early in the day (before 11am) and therefore, to remain fair on the vast majority of riders who practiced the more open, straighter line through the chicane will remain the same as it was by the end of Wednesday.

Have a great ride!

TweedLove Update

Thursday Practice

Just a quick update on Thursday’s practice session.

Stages 5-8 only open for practice (Glentress).

10am – 5pm: Official Practice. Medical cover in place.

Should you require medical assistance during this time or come across another rider who needs assistance please contact event control on 07856 267785 or 07964 476442.

5pm – 9pm: Extended evening practice, with NO medical cover in place.

And for E1 entrants here’s a link to start times:

Day 1

Day 2


Please be aware, at any time during practice, course officials may be at work on the course and be courteous to locals.  Please don’t ride on the pavements or footbridges.

Enjoy the trails!

The TweedLove Team

TweedLove – Extended Training

Welcome to Round three and welcome to the Tweed Valley!

First news is that the team at TweedLove have agreed, following requests from local amateur racers, to extend practice hours into Wednesday and Thursday evening. Extended practice will not have any marshal or medical cover but will allow those of you working during the day and living in the valley to have a ride of the stages.

As per the schedule, training from 10 – 5 will have medical and marshal cover as planned and we at the EWS recommend that riders make use of these hours if possible.

Riding after 5pm may also mean that you meet course workers tidying up at the end of the day. Please be polite and watch out for people out with course tape.

We hope that the extended hours provided by TweedLove will give local amateur riders an extra chance to enjoy the race. But take it easy out there everyone.

Enjoy your ride!




Friday Updates

Hi All riders,

We hope you’ve had a great day exploring the stages 1-4 in the sun! Here are some clarifications of questions we’ve had today and changes we’ve made:

- Riders MUST wear a helmet, with the chinstrap properly fastened at ALL times when riding. You’ll get a warning first time during training but if we see you in the race with your helmet undone or sitting off the top of your head, a much bigger and scarier penalty will be coming your way. Be warned.


- We have MOVED the rider briefing from the village hall to the large tent at the race venue tomorrow night. Same time, different place. See you all there.


- You cannot leave any food or equipment on the hill during the race at any time. Everything you need you must carry and you’re on your own out there, so remain self sufficient. There’s food and water and some neutral mechanical help at the feed/tech zone but that is all. You can also seek help from your team during your lunch break in the paddock. Anything found at the tech/feed zone will be removed and anyone seen leaving equipment or clothing on the course will be penalised. If you need it, carry it. Simple!


- You will will all undergo a bike safety check just before your start on Sunday. Make sure your bolts are tight and your handlebar end plugs are installed!

Have a great Saturday practice!


Chain Reaction Cycles Emerald Enduro Maps are Live!

The news we’ve all been waiting for! With the team keeping Carrick mountain closed for the last seven days, all seven stages shown here on our new Trail Maps enhanced event pages are in prime condition and ready for action this coming Friday.

47km, 1763m of climbing and descending and one day of what we expect to be the closest racing the Enduro World Series will have ever seen.

Welcome to Round 2!

The EWS Team

Welcome to the source

Hello and welcome to our new Event Updates page. From now on, during all events, this will be the place for racers to find any crucial schedule, course, event and maybe even afterparty updates and information.

So, rather than rely on rumours circulating around the pits, get yourself here for the official word from the EWS team.