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Clarification about training on Friday

Just to confirm following some questions.

Friday practice is currently on hold due to the very bad weather reports. Therefore you should prepare to be unable to ride on Friday and practice all stages tomorrow (Thursday).

We will announce Friday’s plans tomorrow when we have more up-to-date forecasts.


FinaleShuttle MAPS


Driving yourself around Finale during training? Here’s the shuttle maps that will show you were you can drive!

And remember – these are public roads not race tracks, so respect the locals, respect traffic laws, stay relaxed and have some fun!

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That’s it folks.

That’s all from round 7 here in Spain – what an incredible weekend. Close racing, sun, storms and crazy, crazy Spanish fans.

We’ll be back next Saturday in the beautiful Italian Rivieran town of Finale for the very last race of the year. We’ve already lodged a request for better weather with the enduro pope.

Full results will be up on very soon, but in the meantime here are your winners from Ainsa;

Men; 1. Richie Rude // 2. Yoann Barelli // 3. Martin Maes

Women; 1. Tracy Moseley // 2. Cecile Ravanel // 3. Isabeau Courdurier

Masters; 1. Carlos Barcon // 2. Primoz Strancar // 3. Eduardo Garcia Cuesto

U21 Men; 1. Pierron Amaury // 2. Sebastien Claquin // 3. Elliot Trabac

U21 Women; 1. Axelle Murigneux // 2. Martha Gill



Moseley and Rude win!

Sorry to leave you for so long enduro disciples! We have our winners!

Stage eight was cancelled due to biblical flooding so the results from stage 7 still stand…

Congratulations to Tracy Moseley and Richie Rude!

Hang on!

This is huge! We hear riders walked their bikes down stage 8 – except Rude and Keene! SAY WHAT? We’re off into the rain to find confirmation on that. Don’t go anywhere!

Stage 8

But stage 8 is going to be a nightmare for the riders left – it’s steep with big drops and no-one will have ridden it in the wet. Whoever holds their nerve on stage 8 is going to win this race.

We need the pope

We should’ve known this was going to happen when the enduro pope Enrico Guala said he wasn’t coming to Spain as he needed to prepare things for Finale next week. Send us a blessing Enrico! (Or at least some of that Finale sunshine)


There’s some surreal scenes here in Ainsa as everyone tries to shelter from the storm – ever wondered what a Mariachi band sheltering from the rain in the doorway of a 9th Century church doorway looks like? Me neither. But I can tell you it is very, very surreal

Stage 8

We’re assuming that stage 8 is on hold unless the riders are prepared to swim down the track, but as we don’t have sub aqua communications available we can’t get hold of anyone to find out.


There’s no let up in the storm here, monsoon style rain and some of the loudest thunder you can imagine – we wonder if they’ll let the riders down 8 in these conditions


There’s big time gaps between leader Moseley, 2nd placed Ravanel (+27sec) and 3rd placed Courdurier (+59sec), but the race for 4th and 5th is closer. Pauline Dieffenthaler is is sitting in 4th, but Kiwi rider Raewynn Morrison is snapping at her back wheel at just 3 secs adrift


When we spoke to yesterday she said she wouldn’t be letting off the gas today despite her lead as she said she knew Cecile would be pushing and had the potential to cause an upset


With the times so tight in the men’s category, there is a lot riding on this race for the current top 5 men; Rude, Barelli, Maes, Lau and Graves. All five of them could potentially be on the podium and they’ll know it. That’s a lot of pressure to deal with as they shelter from the rain at the start of the most difficult stage of the race

Party town

The whole town is partying here in Ainsa despite the rain – there’s a paella for 2000 people currently being cooked within the walls of the castle. We can only imagine there’s a very different atmosphere at the start line of stage 8….

Crazy atmosphere

What a heady mix it is here in Ainsa. The thunder is booming, the 9th century church bells are ringing and there’s approximately six thousand Spanish people going crazy on the side of a mountain in the pouring rain. Incredible!


We keep losing connection as the internet is out across the region – and when you see the storm that has just rolled in it’s not surprising; there is some very, very loud thunder out there

Am men back

The amateur men are starting to filer their way back to the paddock after finishing the race – we just saw one with no chain and no seat. Props to Paul Smail for finishing the race in that state!

Women’s race

IN the women’s race Tracy has a clear lead but there’s plenty that could trip her up – 27 seconds sounds like a big margin but the slightest mistake will see Cecile pounce. Cecile is one of the strongest riders on the circuit and she’s beaten Tracy before


Barelli is really finding his feet in the series now – the super quick Frenchman now lives in Whistler and it’s obviously working for him. He came second in Whistler to Rude and it looks like it could be the same here

Stage 8

There’s been a slight delay on stage 8 after a competitor went into some safety netting. The rider is uninjured but as it’s a burly stage with some big drops organisers quite rightly decided to rebuild the safety netting completely before letting anyone else through. Race now live again and we’re getting closer to finding our round 7 winners!

Anneke update

Bit more information coming in about Anneke’s puncture on stage 6 – she stopped and fixed it on the stage, probably to save her wheel, and that;’s why she had such a slow time

Women’s race

Things are looking interesting in the women’s race – Pauline Dieffenthaler is in 4th overall and is on course for her best ever EWS result. Kiwi racer Raewynn Morrison is in 5th overall – she’s had a great weekend

TMo still leads

Tracy still leads the overall race, but Cecile is making back time and they’ll both be pushing extra hard on stage 8. This is going to be a make or break stage for these ladies!

Equal playing field

What’s great about enduro is that it’s a level playing field, pros, ams, men and women all follow the same course and ride the exact same stages. Pretty impressive to think that the amateurs fit in the racing around their day job

Tough end to the year

It’s going to be a tough end to the year – both Spain this weekend and Italy next are long, physical races. Having the two races back to back means that racers will have roughly 400km in the legs after practice and racing at both – that’s a lot of pedalling!

Who will be world champs 2015?

This race is a lot of fun – but it’s a serious one for the riders as this time next week we’ll be in Finale for the last race of the year. If Tracy or Richie make a mistake here they could lose their series lead and risk their world champ chances

No results yet

The connectivity issues we are having mean we don’t know any times for stage 7, but luckily we have a crack team of spies lining the stages here in Ainsa who can keep us to date

Internet issues

We think the party got a bit too rowdy for the internet here in Spain and we’re having a few issues – bear with us, we’ll be back very shortly. In the meantime, crack a beer, put your feet up and place your bets on who’s going to win Round 7….

Women on way to 7 now

The women are on their way to stage 7 now, they’ll be feeling the heat as it’s hot out here today – possibility of another storm this afternoon though which could make things very interesting…

Great result for Lau

That’s a great result for Lau. We know the young French rider is capable of winning – he lifted the trophy in Scotland last year – but he’s been up and down this season so this will be a great confidence boost

Top 5 men, stage 6

1 4 Nico LAU MEN / MASCULINO 00:03:48.001
2 19 Richie RUDE MEN / MASCULINO 00:03:49.131
3 10 Martin MAES MEN / MASCULINO 00:03:49.435
4 25 Josh CARLSON MEN / MASCULINO 00:03:49.728
5 21 Fabien BAREL MEN / MASCULINO 00:03:49.963


We think Beerte must have had a problem on stage 6 – she’s way back. She had a nasty crash on stage 2 yesterday and beat herself up pretty good, but she’s one determined lady. Her manager Paddy said unless her leg is hanging off Anneke races – she’s a tough cookie


Speaking to Trcay after the race yesterday she said one of the things that made riding here so special was the crowds. She said she’s never known such a knowledgable crowd – she said they knew every woman’s name and were cheering them all on.


It’s not just the riding that is incredible here in Ainsa – this is what the town looked like yesterday just before the racing got going – so beautiful.


Huge crowds

There are thousands of spectators here today – there’s a party atmosphere out on course with live music, bars at the end of every stage and a lot – and we mean a lot – of noise


Scanning through the stage 5 results we can see that Maes’ win on that stage has pushed him up a few spots in the overall – he’s now sitting in 4th in the overall and is just five secs behind Vouilloz

U21 women

And in the U21 women it’s Axelle Murigneux who leads out Martha Gill. Great to see some young women coming up though the ranks. These two young ladies are really making their mark on the scene and are definitely names to watch out for in the future


And Tmo may have been third on stage 5, but she leads Ravanel by a massive 23 seconds – with just three stages left in this race that’s a lot of time to make up – but Ravanel is a strong rider and there’s no way she’ll back down. This is going to be interesting!

Stage 6

The delay on stage 6 means it’s about an other hour before we see the women dropping into stage 6, but the amateur men will already be on their way to stage 7. There’s a huge amateur field here and it’s great to see how many Spanish there are in the start list


It feels like it’s just a matter of time until Martin Maes wins his first race – he’s come very close on a few occasions but the young Belgian has never quite made it on to the top spot of the podium. That could all change today though if he continues to ride like this


Looks like Rude hasn’t got his clean sweep of stages he was hoping for – that mistake on stage 5 has cost him dearly and he finished the stage in 12th – we’ll have to wait for his time to see if he still leads in the overall

U21 men

The under 21 men are now hitting stage 6 and it’s Pierron Amaury in the lead – he’s having an incredible race this weekend and posted a couple of times that would have landed him in the top 20 in the men’s race

Stage 5!

We’ve just heard the pros are dropping into the first stage of the day now, stage 5, and apparently Martin Maes went through like a madman – so fast!

Yesterday’s women

In the women’s race it was a fight for the top spot between Tracy Moseley and Cecile Ravanel, with each taking two stages apiece. But Tracy’s blistering time on stage 2 puts her nearly 26 seconds ahead of Cecile. Young gun Isabeau Courdurier sits in third.


If you missed yesterday’s action then you missed out!

In the men’s race Richie Rude was on fire, winning all 4 stages in convincing fashion, with Yoann Barelli in 2nd and Nicolas Vouilloz in third

Incredible Spain

What an amazing day! Amazing race, huge crowds and a party atmosphere like no other here in Ainsa – definitely a race to be remembered. And the best bit? We’re doing it all again tomorrow!

Tune back in tomorrow at 11am CET to find out if Tracy and Richie can stay on top to win round 7 or if there’ll be some surprises thrown into the mix….

Full results will be available on shortly.

Adios amigos, hasta manana!

Rude is unstoppable!

Richie has the ride of his life and has won every stage of today’s race. He starts tomorrow leading not only the race but also the overall series. Not a bad place to be with only one and a half races left to go…

Women on stage 4 now

We hear the women are on stage 4 now – the top 3 will be dropping in in the next couple of minutes and then we’ll have our results very soon. Can Tracy hold on to finish the first day out front? She’s 26 secs up but Cecile will be pushing hard…

Sausage and beer

Yesterday the riders were treated to a 1km sausage (not a euphemism) when they finished the prologue, today they will be treated to free beer – although judging by how tired the ams who are finished look, we think most will be heading back to their hotels for an early night and some heavy carb loading


Raewyn Morrison is a name to watch – the Scottish rider is sitting in 6th which may come as a surprise to the pros, but not those who’ve seen her tear up the trails at home. The amateur rider is having the race of her life!


In the men’s race Rude is putting more time between him and the rest of the field with every stage – he now leads Barelli by 12 secs


That’s a great ride from Pauline and if she continues at this pace she’ll be on course for her best ever EWS result – but she’ll need to watch out for Anita Gehrig who’s just behind in 5th


Woah! Tracy is killing it – she’s won stage 3 and now leads the race by 26 seconds! Cecile in 2nd, Isabeau 3rd and Pauline Dieffenthaler in 4th!

Men’s top 10 overall after 3 stages

1 (1) 19 RUDE Richie MEN / MASCULINO Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Race T 4:39.693 (1) 7:43.476 (1) 4:03.385 (1) 16:26.554

2 (2) 9 BARELLI Yoann 3 (3) 1 GRAVES Jared 4:47.123 (10) 7:50.680 (4) 4:04.764 (3) 16:42.567 16.0134:43.559 (5) 7:48.008 (2) 4:07.514 (9) 16:39.081 12.527

2 (2) 9 BARELLI Yoann MEN / MASCULINO Giant Factory Off-Road Team 4:43.559 (5) 7:48.008 (2) 4:07.514 (9) 16:39.081 12.527

3 (3) 1 GRAVES Jared MEN / MASCULINO Yeti / Fox Shox Factory Race T 4:47.123 (10) 7:50.680 (4) 4:04.764 (3) 16:42.567 16.013

4 (4) 4 LAU Nico MEN / MASCULINO Cube Action Team 4:43.430 (4) 7:52.676 (6) 4:06.554 (4) 16:42.660 16.106

5 (5) 23 VOUILLOZ Nicolas MEN / MASCULINO Lapierre Gravity Republic 4:41.285 (2) 7:54.298 (8) 4:07.675 (10) 16:43.258 16.704

6 (6) 10 MAES Martin MEN / MASCULINO GT Factory Racing 4:43.931 (6) 7:50.618 (3) 4:10.071 (21) 16:44.620 18.066

7 (7) 8 BAILLY-MAITRE Francois MEN / MASCULINO BMC Factory Trailcrew 4:48.697 (13) 7:57.551 (11) 4:03.851 (2) 16:50.099 23.545

8 (8) 22 CLEMENTZ Jerome MEN / MASCULINO Cannondale Overmountain Team 4:48.575 (11) 7:52.096 (5) 4:09.773 (18) 16:50.444 23.890

9 (9) 13 ABSALON Remy MEN / MASCULINO Scott SR Suntour Enduro Team 4:49.511 (16) 7:57.405 (10) 4:09.447 (16) 16:56.363 29.809

10 (10) 25 CARLSON Josh MEN / MASCULINO Giant Factory Off-Road Team 4:55.328 (23) 7:53.108 (7) 4:09.901 (19) 16:58.337 31.783

Bear with us

Bear with us while we temporarily abandon post to offer up a sacrifice to the gods of weather and internet to get this show back on the road. Back with the women’s results any minute now…


Given that the surface of stage 3 is basically just fossils, it’s safe to say the riders may struggle to know how to cope with it in the wet


This weather could really mix things up for the pros – it’s been hot and sunny all week and when they practiced the tracks they were bone dry, dusty and loose


The rain has moved in over stage 3 and it is torrential up there! Not going to be a lot of fun for the pros to tackle that stage in this weather


The rain is falling very gently in Ainsa old town but the sky looks really dark over towards the stages. We hope the riders remembered to pack a jacket…

Finale 2014

Who can forget Barel’s incredible victory in Finale last year – his first race back since breaking his back in Chile at the start of the year. Possibly one of the most impressive comebacks in the history of cycling!

Stage 3

The riders will now be on their way over to stage 3, it’s another long liaison and the sky has turned ominously dark overhead – looks like we may be in for a storm

Top 10 men after 2 stages

# No. Name Category Time
1 19 Richie RUDE MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:43.476
2 9 Yoann BARELLI MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:48.008
3 10 Martin MAES MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:50.618
4 1 Jared GRAVES MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:50.680
5 22 Jerome CLEMENTZ MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:52.096
6 4 Nico LAU MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:52.676
7 25 Josh CARLSON MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:53.108
8 23 Nicolas VOUILLOZ MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:54.298
9 13 Remy ABSALON MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:56.405
10 28 Thomas LAPEYRIE MEN / MASCULINO 00:07:57.267


Josh Carlson is sitting in 7th after 2 stages – he came close to victory in Whistler last month and he’s looking strong today showing that result wasn’t a one off – he’s definitely a podium contender


Our eyes and ears on the hill tell us that Tracy was looking focused and calm – they suspect she always planned to ride conservatively on stage 1 and smash stage 2. It’ll be very hard for anyone to make up that 20 secs on her


If (and it’s a big if) our spies on the hill have got their maths right, Tracy looks to be leading the race by 20 secs with Cecile in 2nd. We’re trying to get confirmation now…

Top 20 women on stage 2 now

The top 20 women are now starting stage 2 and making their way down this brutally long  track that finishes with a steep climb at the end – it’s hot outside and this is going to be a real crux in the race. Will the riders decide to conserve energy or go for the stage win? We’ll find out very soon….


And Under 21 rider Adrien Dailly is smoking them all! He’s beating the likes of fomer world cup downhillers Julian Cammelini and Matti Leiheikonin by 4 secs!


There’s huge crowds turned out here in Spain and they’re lively! I don’t know if it’s because of the beer out on course or the excitement of the race, but it’s loud out there! And we haven’t on good authority that there’s a lot of heckling out there…

Stage 2

Stage 2 is a really long track – and there’s a brutal climb right at the end of the stage. It’s going to take a lot out of the riders


We knew the Spanish loved enduro, but we’ve just had word that a particularly keen group are cycling here all the way from Barcelona – that’s 172 miles!


There was a prologue through the anicient streets of Ainsa last night watched by a 3000 strong crowd. There was plenty to keep them entertained as some of the riders donned fancy dress and others downed shots of tequila mid way through the race, courtesy of Mark Maurissen of GT who created a very unique style of feed zone…


There’s a huge amateur field here in Spain. Great to see so many Spanish riders and there’s a big European contingent as well, especially from the UK, the Spanish sun was too hard to resist


Great to see young Martin Maes sitting in 6th. It’s easy to forget how young he is as he’s been on the scene for so long, but he could still choose to in the U21 category if he wanted, but he prefers to race in the senior field. Much to the relief of the rest of the U21 category we imagine


There’s been a lot of talk amongst the riders this week about the liaison stages – they’re incredible trails but they don’t allow any room to relax. There’s steep drops on a lot of them and it definitely requires the racers to keep their focus – they’ll definitely add to the rider’s fatigue

Tough race

There’s been a definite party atmosphere in Ainsa all week, but there was a shift in mood this morning as riders focus on the next two days of racing. They’re in for long, physical days and the temperatureios beginning to soar in this beautiful corner of Northern Spain

Men’s top 20

# No. Name Category Time
1 19 Richie RUDE MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:39.693
2 23 Nicolas VOUILLOZ MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:41.285
3 21 Fabien BAREL MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:42.148
4 4 Nico LAU MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:43.430
5 9 Yoann BARELLI MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:43.559
6 10 Martin MAES MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:43.931
7 5 Florian NICOLAI MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:43.966
8 7 Joe BARNES MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:45.672
9 40 Robert WILLIAMS MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:45.709
10 2 Damien OTON MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:45.852
11 1 Jared GRAVES MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:47.123
12 22 Jerome CLEMENTZ MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:48.575
13 11 Alexandre CURE MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:48.682
14 8 Francois BAILLY-MAITRE MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:48.697
15 16 Greg CALLAGHAN MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:49.321
16 28 Thomas LAPEYRIE MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:49.348
17 13 Remy ABSALON MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:49.511
18 627 Pierron AMAURY MEN | Under Sub 00:04:50.410
19 15 Bryan REGNIER MEN / MASCULINO 00:04:50.748
20 607 Elliot TRABAC MEN | Under Sub 00:04:51.572

Stage 2

There’s a long old liaison up to stage 2 so it’ll be a while before we have any results, but don’t go anywhere as there’s plenty of action to come


Nico Lau is sitting in 4th after stage 1 – this race is going to suit him as it’s similar terrain to his home in France


Fabien Barel just announced he’ll retire at the end of this season. But don’t be fooled into thinking he’ll have his slippers on just yet – he left the stage this morning with a steely look in his eye and will be looking to go out in style. If he wins here and in Italy next week he could still be crownd world champ


Poor Anne Caroline Chausson is out for the rest of the season on health grounds. She won the first race of the year but pulled out of round two in Ireland and hasn’t been back. Tracy’s main rival may be out but it does look like Cecile is out to make Tracy really work for that world champs title

Ravanel v Moseley

The battle for the overall in thw women’s race is between Tracy and Cecile – Tracy leads the points but Ravanel has been consistent all year and a win from her here could be enough to upset Tracy’s quest for her third world champ title

Ravanel leads

In the women’s race it looks like Cecile has taken the first stage and is leading Tracy by 2 seconds – but there’s still 7 stages of this race left over today and tomorrow


Hola amigos! Welcome to Ainsa-Sobrarbe in Northern Spain – a beautiful region filled with medieval castles, abandoned villages and some of the best trails in Europe.

Five hundred riders will be heading out today on the first day of racing across four long, rocky stages and we’ll be here to bring you all the action as it happens. A slightly delayed start here means we won’t be live until 12.45pm CET.

See you then!


Dear riders,

We experienced a lot of riders and shuttle drivers ignoring the marshals at the end of Stage 7 today. Please remember that these very generous people are volunteers and they are trying to protect you from a busy road and also keep traffic moving.

Please respect what they have to say and we can all be happy!

The EWS team

Walk the Walk

Hi All riders,

We’ve had some questions regarding walking stages that are closed on Friday.

We can confirm that walking stages is OK when stages are closed to riding. However, please do not take a bike with you to avoid any confusion.


The EWS team

Ainsa Shuttle Roads

Welcome to Ainsa and the amazing Zona Zero trail network. For those of you shuttling yourselves during training, here are the maps that include the driving routes that you can use to access the trails. Please remember, you can only drive on public roads and NO driving off road is allowed.


saturday course + shuttle roads


sunday course + shuttle roads part1 sunday course + shuttle roads part2